SOM NOSALTRES 3.0 2018 - Page 63

ENGLISH GAMES Els jocs d’anglès els practiquem a l’aula i serveixen per millorar el nostre nivell en aquesta llengua alhora que passem una bona estona. A continuació us expliquem tres jocs que podreu practicar a casa o amb els vostres amics!!! Joc 1 “ I have a letter for someone who…” It is a game where we’re all sitting in a circle and one player is in the middle and for example says “I have a letter for someone who has… an older brother” and anyone who has an older brother has to stand up and move around in the circle. At the same time the one who has sent the letter has to try to sit before the others and so there is another in the middle. Joc 2 “Chain Words” This game consists in writing chains of words. We make groups of 4 or 5 boys and girls and each group has a piece of paper. Then the teacher puts a two-minute timer and says a word, for example, “AFTERNOON”. Quickly, one of us thinks and writes a word that begins with the last letter of the word afternoon and passes the paper to another classmate of the same group. For example, night - theatre - evening - great - time… The words cannot be repeated and wins the group that when the time is up has written more words. Joc 4 “Plickers” In this game we have a plicker card. It is a card with a code and the letters A B C and D. We have to read a question on the screen with four possible answers A B C or D. We have to decide which one is the correct and rise the code up with the appropriate letter vertically. Then with the tablet, the teacher scans our answers and we know if we have done well or badly in real time. Daniela, Gemma, Antonela i Arina (5è A)