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was united and moving forward. He did an outstanding job of putting it all together, and he did it in thirty days. After about four or five months, he approached me again. He said, “Pastor Chris, I’ve got this ministry humming. I have put a leader over it, and they will keep it moving forward. It no longer needs me.” Then he looked at me and said, “Now what do you need me to do?” fill, and even some ministries that need someone to revamp them, like my friend did. You don’t need to wait for someone to approach you, for the pastor to preach a message that will motivate you, or for the annual ministry fair. You can start now. You can start today. Find a need and fill it. RATE THIS ARTICLE This man was busy. He had had four children under age eighteen, owned his own company, and traveled like crazy, yet he still managed to make a difference. The other part of the story I love is that I didn’t approach him; he approached me. He modeled what I believe God wants from those who attend a local church: find a need and fill it. Your church has plenty of needs: places to get involved, positions to Chris Sonksen Chris Sonksen understands church growth and how to help pastors who may feel stuck because their church isn’t growing. His personal experience comes from his own journey in pioneering South Hills Church, a multi-campus church based in southern California that has been widely recognized for its unprecedented growth and strategic approaches to doing ministry. In addition, Chris’s church growth expertise has led him to found Church BOOM, an organization that has provided personal coaching to more than two hundred churches and impacted thousands of leaders. Chris and his wife, Laura, have two children and live in Southern California. Learn more at His latest book, Quit Church, is now available nationwide. Solutions • 73