Solutions June 2018 - Page 72

being part of that family. This is what Jesus is saying to us. Other people can stand on the sideline, think only of themselves, and never serve—but among you, it will be different. the leader that was heading that up, and we have someone filling in.” He immediately responded, “I’ll take care of it. How many people are helping out right now?” Find a Need and Fill It I said, “Just a few.” Years ago, a successful businessman started attending our church. He was an entrepreneur at heart and had built a thriving business from the ground up. He started attending because the church that he had recently called home had shut its doors. We connected almost immediately. He had a contagious spirit, and I loved his enthusiasm for life and for the Lord. I did not ask anything of him over the next few months, primarily because I knew he had had a difficult experience in his former church, and I figured that he needed some time to refresh and be ministered to. After a few months, we were out to lunch, and he said to me, “I notice there is a problem at the church.” He said, “Well, we have several services, so I figure we will need at least fifteen people on the team. Get me the names of the people who are currently helping, and I’ll make it happen.” I jokingly said, “Only one?” He laughed and replied, “Seriously. On Sunday morning it seems that there aren’t really any backstage hands— people who are designated to bring the table and chair out for your preaching, move around audio equipment as needed, and generally ensure that ever ything behind the scenes is functioning as it should.” I told him, “Yeah, you’re right. We lost 72 • Solutions When I returned to the office, I emailed him the names and contact info. The next Sunday, he was in full rec- ruiting mode. I saw him approaching people to see if they would help. He had revised the former leader’s job description for volunteers. Over the next thirty days, he got over fifteen people plugged in to the ministry. He had properly functioning headsets, branded T-shirts, and a team that