Solutions June 2018 - Page 69

this endows the Christian woman with an amazing power, not to mention an immense responsibility to shape our own generation and the generations after us. These unique roles and gifts provide us with the opportunity to be influencers. How we use that power is up to us. Will you be a woman of legacy? There are many who have gone before us that have left beautiful examples of living a life of legacy – women from scripture, from history, and women today. Some are women you may know, like Queen Elizabeth II, Esther from the Bible, or Ruth Bell Graham, and there are many others whose stories you’ve likely never heard. These women lived with intention and integrity, and as a result, left legacies that still live on in our day. As we each consider our own legacy, let’s hold ourselves to God’s standards of value and be encouraged by the women who’ve gone before us. Men have done, and are doing, amazing things, but I believe women are uniquely poised for Kingdom impact, and our eternal investments will yield far more rewarding legacies than any monument or amount of worldly recognition. Lauren McAfee Lauren McAfee is author of Only One Life: How a Woman’s Every Day Shapes An Eternal Legacy. She is also Corporate Ambassador for Hobby Lobby and PhD student studying Ethics and Public Policy. You can find her on twitter at @laurenamcafee. RATE THIS ARTICLE Solutions • 69