Solutions June 2018 - Page 67

LEAVING A LEGACY IS NOT JUST FOR MEN BY LAUREN GREEN MCAFEE Have you ever had a moment where you realized a subconscious assumption you had about life? For example, assuming that everyone folds laundry in a similar way, and then when you have a roommate or get married, you can’t understand there’s such a different philosophy of how two socks should be folded together. Or perhaps it is something more meaningful, like assuming that all people should have kindness in their heart toward others, and then one day reality shatters that assumption. When assumed truths aren’t met, we often question why we had that assumption in the first place. I recently had this type of experience in a way that had a meaningful impact on me. Not too long ago, my husband Michael and I were strolling through the city of Paris on an overcast day, soaking up the last few hours we had in the city before heading to the airport. We are both fast walkers, so our idea of strolling might not be the same as yours. The benefit of walking fast is that you get places sooner. The down side is that you m vB֗72VvgV66VW'rFRW&W2v2V&ǐFR66RFBF&22vRFRW"vFv'VRFP&fƒ6WFr6VvBגW6&N( 0WRvRBvƶVB7BF2'F7V FW'6V7FV&W"bFW2'WBVFW bW2B7FVBF&V6FRFRv@VVBFBvRF6VBr7FFrF'FVVfVWBFvFVB'&Pv27FGVRbfƖBVFW"FP67VGW&RFW7FVBv'&"'6V&6vFgV&G&"BfrBखFW&W7FvǒWFF6ǒ77VV@F27FGVR6V&FVBƖfPWW&V6R2FVvBRF277VFগ2V&ǒv2fƖB7B6&7FW'06V&FVBF&Vv7FGVW2&RV'WBFBF&2F2VVBbv'&"v27GVǒ6V&Frvb&26Rv2v`'&fRVFW'6Bf6v2v'FbFR&VWFgV67VGW&RW""FR&VƗFbגv77VFFBBW7B&R7W'&6VBRBv0V6B7W'&6RFBBv2v&Vr&W&W6VFVBF26( BF6FRVvFVVG2&V( BF&R6VV'&FVBVVG2&RgFV&W&W6VFrV`6&7FW"B66Ɨ6VBVvv&GFW2VB6VG&W2"'FV@FW"w&VB6WfVVG2FB6V@&R6VV'&FVBFW&RVvVgB6WF2( "c