Solutions June 2018 - Page 63

Red Umbrella Back in the 1980s and 1990s, a series of posters illustrated this idea. The posters were black-and-white photographs of smiling or playing children. Uniquely, within the black- and-white photo, one child, along with whatever he or she was holding or touching, was in color. Usually a splash of red. Life can grow and flourish only in environments where the nutrients and conditions are right. People will not stay in places where growth and abundance are absent. We have a divine directive, remember? We are called to create spaces in which life can explode, where leaders can flourish. When you look at these photos, your eye is drawn straight to the color. The photo could include one hundred children, but only the child in color catches your attention. The rest of the picture blends into the background. Life-giving leaders are the splash of color in a monochrome organization. Your attention goes to them. Your focus finds the leaders who are bringing life to the team. You notice life-giving leaders because they go out of their way to share an encouraging word or celebrate a great decision made by someone on the staff. When leaders get intentional about bringing life into the organization, it’s amazing the way it makes other leaders feel. Who Cares? All this talk about beauty and art and splashes of color . . . What does that have to do with leadership? Everything. • What are you doing in staff meetings to grow and help your team take deep root? • Does your organization have toxic problems? What are you doing to address them? • What areas in your business are gray right now and need color? What is your next step to bring life to one of the areas? • Which leaders around you grab your attention because they bring color? How can you encourage them to do even more along those lines? Solutions • 63