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with color and hope . You can be selling the most uninspiring widget , but if your company learns the art of life-giving leadership , watch the profits rise . Watch staff satisfaction skyrocket . Watch the church grow . Watch the colors change .
People Count
Healthy , life-giving leaders create healthy , life-giving organizations . It ’ s simple to say but incredibly hard to do . That ’ s why so many businesses ignore this . They don ’ t take the time to gain the advantage . They make shortterm decisions to deal with the lowhanging fruit and fail to invest deeply in building a thriving , powerful culture . People crave that kind of strong culture and they thrive in it . Leaders become the leaders God is making them to be when they are empowered to learn and equipped to lead .
Your life-giving leadership can bring color to monochrome organizations . Leaders who choose to lead well let life flow . They are “ leaders worth following .” I want to be a leader who is worth following . The key word in there is worth .
Worth has been defined as “ the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration ; the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated .”
Deserving of value . Following a leader not just because of his or her position or rank but because this is leadership that deserves value . If you seek to be that type of leader , know that it does not come without a handsome price tag . It requires your days . Your time . Your sacrifice . Your sleepless nights . Your ego . Your title . Even your success , at times .
I want to change the world while I ’ m changing someone else ’ s world . I want the lives of people around me to be changed because of me . I want to have a legacy of raising people up and helping them reach their full potential . People flourishing because they were led well . I want the leaders around me to grow closer to their heavenly Father .

Leaders who choose to lead well let life flow .”

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