Solutions June 2018 - Page 52

research and treatment. As Pagano’s inspiring story caught on, players, cheerleaders, and fans shaved their heads to show their support for the beloved head coach, who had lost his hair during chemo. Millions of dollars were raised as the movement spread across the country and throughout the NFL. What had first appeared to cripple the team became the unifying factor that made them stronger as they inspired so many others battling cancer. work or school and back home again, what drives you? What gets you out of bed in the morning and causes you to greet the day with joy instead of dread? We are all driven people, but when push comes to shove, not all of us are driven by our faith. When the storm begins to churn around you, when the police call in the middle of the night or the accidental email gets sent, when the account is overdrawn or the friendly smile becomes seductive, your faith will be tested. In those moments you will be driven either by drama or by destiny. When the storm breaks in your life, you will be driven by either • the past or the future • the pathetic or the prophetic • problems or promises • nightmares or dreams • the flesh or the Spirit • Google searches or godly churches • the drama of the storm or God’s destiny for your life Coach Pagano grew stronger and went on to defeat the cancer that once threatened his life. By the end of the season, he was able to return to the sidelines, and the following season, he went back to his job full time. His rookie year was not what he had expected, but throughout his entire battle, he never allowed himself to be defined by the cancer. Day to day, as you go from home to 52 • Solutions I learned this lesson early in life. As I mentioned, I grew up in a very healthy, loving Christian family, but that didn’t mean my life was easy—far from it. I’ll never forget sitting in the guidance counselor’s office my freshman year in high school in the Lehigh Valley area between Philadelphia and Allentown. The purpose of our meeting was to discuss my vocational direction and