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I make sure the set is going to meet them exactly where they are. The key to leading worship is empathy. If you are not genuinely compassionate and truly empathetic, you cannot reach your full potential as a worship leader. I don’t sing “my songs” all the time. It’s not my job to push my product or showcase myself as an artist. You have to get past the performance aspect or the concern over how you look on stage. Some nights the monitors might be jacked and the band is off tempo. The audience can tell when you’re frustrated. But if a thousand people go home spiritually hungry because I’m having a bad day? If I tune out and go through the motions because I’m mad? That’s not leading worship. I have to overcome my needs to meet the needs of the people. In that moment, worship must be selfless. But it’s the balance of those things that is so hard to attain. There are times I still get choked up and struggle to continue. But you don’t hide it from the people. You let it happen and you let them inside. Taken from Unexpected Places by Anthony Evans Copyright © 2018. Used by permission of Thomas Nelson. RATE THIS ARTICLE 42 • Solutions Anthony Evans Anthony Evans has voiced the gospel for more than a decade as one of Christian Music’s premiere male vocalists, songwriters, and worship leaders. With eight solo projects, multiple music videos, and inspirational literary collaborations with beloved pastor and international speaker Dr. Tony Evans and sister Priscilla Shirer, Anthony has vibrated the doors of the church and ventured beyond.