Solutions June 2018 - Page 41

glimpse, the first time I knew. Maybe all this turmoil inside me might have a purpose. Maybe God could take my messed- up emotions and turn them into something good. More opportunities came along soon after. I had to re- situate my mind to lead worship, to change my perspective from a performer to a shepherd, from being led by the song to being led by the Spirit. So yes, I will sometimes share— but I am mindful that I’m not there to tell my story. This is not about me. It’s not my show. It’s God’s show, and the response comes not because I hit some really high note while the music grows more intense, but because I am helping to build a bridge and usher people into the presence of God. “ That’s what good worship is: realizing that we are not alone in our struggles, that God loves and cares for us.” Worship should be a little uncharted, a bit of an adventure. I’d rather blaze a trail and see where that leads us than stick to the strict and safer path. God didn’t lead Moses the straightest route through the desert. It was an adventure with many detours, manna raining down and pillars of fire in the sky, seas parting to make a way. True worship should take us somewhere we’ve never been. You have to trust, to step out of the boat and onto the waves, to get out of the box and move on to an entirely new place. I am not scripted. Not like, “Okay, I’m going to do this set list and tell these stories and we’ll do A, then B, then C, and then take it down the road to the next event and the next.” I have never been let down in worship by following God’s lead and taking the unplanned and unexpected way. But that’s who God made me to be: unscripted. My weakness, my stubborn streak, my curiosity— it works for the best in worship. We rehearse. We pursue excellence. I am mindful of the boundaries of time that I have been asked to keep. But we do not bring a show. If I feel the audience needs a certain message or to hear a certain song, I will change things on the fly. I used to think worship had to go one way. If you have the “one way” mentality and you are in a different venue every few days? It’s going to be stale. You will rarely have real connection. Every room of people is different. Different backgrounds, different denominations, different beliefs. With different needs and different struggles, at different places in their lives. You have to be sympathetic to that. So that’s another place being sensitive can help. It’s not all intangible. Sometimes it’s practical common sense. If I get on stage and there’s a church full of grey hair out there, I might need to sing some hymns. They might respond to “How Great Thou Art” better than “Alive.” And if it’s a sea of skinny jeans and tattoos? Solutions • 41