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than a dream. Or we could just pilfer staff from some other church and send the message to our members that no one here is good enough to fill these roles. At the time of this writing, we cut about 120 payroll checks per month, including weekenders (those who only work on the weekends). Of those, 113 were built inside the house. Of the four people on our lead team, three started as janitors— and that includes me. As a result, the vast majority of our staff has been thoroughly cross-trained. One pastor served in housekeeping, led worship, served the youth, and worked as a personal assistant before becoming a pastor. Another worked as a janitor, served in children’s ministry, youth ministry, and outreach and evangelism before he joined the staff as an administrator and then as a pastor. And I could go on and on. In fact, we don’t hire for specific professional roles, such as children’s pastor or youth pastor. We build and hire pastors and put them in various roles to help further develop them in their calling. Michael Fletcher Michael Fletcher led Manna Church from 350 to over 8500 members by focusing primarily on effective outreach and leadership development. Under his leadership, Manna Church has planted, or partnered to plant, over 75 churches worldwide and is engaged in a “multiply” strategy with a vision to plant an expression of Manna Church near every US military base in the world. Michael and his wife Laura, love endurance sports, both with over 25 marathon finishes. In addition, Michael enjoys triathlon (3 Ironman finishes) and Laura competes in ultra-marathons. They have 8 children, 19 grandchildren, and live in Fayetteville, NC. RATE THIS ARTICLE Solutions • 39