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True Love Speaks: Why We Can't Stay Silent in a Culture of Confusion By Lisa Bevere Walk into most churches nowadays and you will likely hear a message of love, hope, encouragement, and identity. And all that is good and well. After decades of overly harsh messages, the pendulum has naturally swung to the other side—but have we swung it too far? Are we so set on being seeker- friendly that we neglect what it means to be a true friend to those walking through our doors? The mistake we made in previous decades was to tell the truth in ways that weren’t always loving. The answer to this is not to shrink back from speaking truth. It is to learn to speak the truth in love. Jesus was certainly a friend of sinners— and we should be too—but it’s time we reassess what being a friend actually looks like. I don’t know about you, but I, for one, expect my friends to tell me the truth. I don’t want them to bash me over 32 • Solutions the head with it, but I do want them to tell me the things I need to hear in a loving way. We’ve all been given truth without love at times. It doesn’t feel good. Truth without love is mean—but love without truth is meaningless. We need both. And when we look at Jesus, we see these two qualities on full display. He is the God who so loved the world, the One who is Himself the very nature of love, yet He is also t Ѡ)ؤ) ͥȁѡᅵѡݽ)՝Ёձѕ䁥)ѕȀ)Ḿ͕ȁͥ)ɽչ䁡ȁ͕ɥѕ)͕́ݡ݅ЁѼѽȸ5)́܁ѡѽ丁)́ɕ)ݸɥѕ́ͽѡѕɥ)ѡͅQх́)́ͅѼѡ͔Ȱq1)䁽ԁݡ́ݥѡЁͥѡ