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will remain firm and stable, without wavering. Another word for this is steady, just like a steady camera used for taping television programs. These cameras can follow an action scene and record an image with stability, no matter how much movement it might include. These are the cameras we normally use in our Nights of Glory healing crusades, where people leap, run, and dance after receiving their healing. The person who has faith will remain firm and steady, regardless of the force of the storm, because his or her eyes are set firmly on the Lord. That steadiness is what Peter lacked when he walked on water, because in the middle of the storm, he took his eyes off the Lord. Don’t ever let your steady fail you in your difficult situations. Trust in the Lord beyond your abilities. All the people in the Bible speak to us about having achieved exploits by faith and for faith. To raise up a nation, Abraham had to leave his homeland in obedience to God’s instruction. David became king by following the instructions God gave him. Every person of faith went to God to receive his instructions and counsel. God was their only source and refuge. Cash Luna Carlos Luna, popularly known as “Cash” Luna, is a pastor in Guatemala. Along with his wife, Sonia, they are the founders of one of the largest megachurches in Latin America, Casa de Dios, with more than 20,000 active members. Luna heads up Food Bank, which he founded in 2006, as the social service branch of his church, dedicated to caring for orphans, seniors and those affected by natural disasters. His new book, Not By Sight: Only Faith Opens Your Eyes, is available now. Taken from Not By Sight by Cash Luna. Copyright 2018 by Cash Luna. Used by permission of Emanate Books. RATE THIS ARTICLE Solutions • 25