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revealed by faith and for faith . In other words , we receive it by faith , and it becomes a testimony of the faith by which to live . Our conviction of the love of God must be fully believed and demonstrated , otherwise , it will just be an abstract concept , void of impact . Faith , however , is tangible and effective , designed to totally transform our circumstances if we become as children who love , admire , believe , and obey him .
When I taught my children how to swim , the first thing I did was dive into the water cannonball style . That simple action broke every uncertainty they were feeling and opened the door to all the fun they could have . Seeing me with that attitude of complete control of the situation gave them confidence , to the point that I almost did not make it back to the edge because they wanted to jump in right on top of me . The same thing would not have happened had I entered cautiously into the pool , step by step , little by little , allowing the water to make me shudder in shock . That is what a life of faith is like , total immersion into a new environment that requires audacity and blind obedience , coupled with the conviction that the instructions we receive come from the One who truly knows what he is doing and has our best interests in mind .
In Hebrew , the word faith means faithfulness . Having faith in God means expressing our faithfulness , which in turn makes us just , or in other words , without reproach . No wonder the Word of God mentions more than once that the just shall live by faith . Why is it so important to be totally convinced that living by faith makes us just ? Because accepting it implies humility , an acknowledgment that it is not our works , but our attitude of complete trust that grants us salvation and abundant life . We need to be faithful to God and never hesitate in obeying his simple instructions . Everything in his written Word applies to our lives ; it is not an archaic , irrelevant book . Take hold of his promises ! If the Bible says that those who honor their parents can expect a long life and a wonderful future , embrace that promise and obey it . If it says that life , riches , and honor are the reward for being humble and fearing the Lord , then that is how it is ! These instructions seem clear and simple , right ? Of course , applying them is not so easy , and that is why living by faith requires strength and resolve . It is a life designed for those who want to see great results !

Everything in his written Word applies to our lives ; it is not an archaic , irrelevant book . Take hold of his promises !

The second meaning of the word faith is firmness . Those who believe
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