Solutions June 2018 - Page 22

A Blessing By Cash Your projects will have a strong chance of coming to pass when you align them to God’s plans, seeking to bless others in the process. Even a healing miracle, which is personal, has a multiplying effect, because that restored life will become a powerful testimony of the love of God. In addition, the individual who received the miracle will also have a new heart willing to help others. That is the power of God working through our lives! There is no value to a self-centered faith, seeking your own personal benefit. It is true that our Father wants to bless 22 • Solutions us, since he created us in love and that is our foundation. Still, living by faith is not a matter of selfishly seeking our personal desires because in the end that becomes about me and only me. That cannot happen! Who is the center of the universe? If you believe it is you, then you need to review the foundation of our faith. We were created to have, by our own will and choice, an intimate relationship with God. This is our reason for being, and maintaining it will result in a fulfilling life, together with everything it implies. Our first focus needs to be on perfecting our relationship with God. By focusing on