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to practice it sincerely , perpetually . Forgiveness is not a small thing ; it ’ s everything . Humble yourself admit where you may have been wrong , ask for forgiveness , and make things right .
11 . Run for Political Office and Support People Who Do
If we want good candidates , then we need to encourage such candidates to run and help them all along . If you are the person who wants to run for office , then learn how to be a better communicator and listener .
12 . Remember That Leadership Is About Leading , Not Just Having a Title
Leadership is not just about having a position ; it ’ s about using your platform to the greatest possible degree . Don ’ t just sit there ; stand up and speak out in the platform God has given you , and lead , lead , lead !
13 . Spend Time with “ Tax Collectors ” and “ Sinners ”
Love the sinner ; hate the sin — but make sure you don ’ t reverse the two . Jesus was noted as being a friend of sinners ( Matt . 9:11 , 11:19 ; Luke 7:34 ). He had the reputation of spending time with people who actually needed him ; you should too . Put your fears and misconceptions about people aside , and reach out to them — often .
14 . Rely Upon the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is God ’ s not-so-secret weapon against hatred and opposition to the plan of God and person of Christ . When the Spirit leads you , you ’ ll please God — and the people you should please . Those you don ’ t please by following God are not people who should concern you .
15 . Don ’ t Let Your Distaste for Church Make You Bland Toward Jesus
Be the Christian you want others to be . Don ’ t make excuses . More important , God may even use you to help shape the kind of church he envisions , which , after all , is far more important than the one you dream about .
16 . Call , Write , E-mail
On a quarterly or monthly basis , telephone , e-mail , and write your congressperson and senators , humbly reminding them of the importance of following our Constitution ; respecting our national history ; and honoring our biblical , historic foundations .
17 . Keep Media Accountable
Get involved in the media . Consider a career in journalism or encourage your children to explore that option . When you see or hear distasteful programming , or read something distastefully written , let the station manager or publisher know about it through a letter , e-mail , or phone call .
18 . Encourage Your Children to Make Influential Career Choices
Look for ways to encourage your
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