Solutions June 2018 - Page 17

surrounding Jesus’ return should not make a difference in how we are living our lives in the meantime. The only thing that matters is loving God, loving people, and leaving our circumstances up to him. 6. #SUSO compromising what is right in the sight of God. It is entirely possible to be tolerant of someone’s views that may differ from yours without that tolerance being an endorsement of their behavior. We can fight the good fight without getting into fights that result from a lack of humble courage. Use #SUSO (Stand Up, Speak Out) on social media platforms, to call out people who practice reverse intolerance against historic, Judeo- Christian values. Diplomatically use #SUSO on social media platforms any time you see someone targeting, belittling, and speaking out against patriotic or historic Judeo-Christian values while insisting his or her values get top billing. I can’t emphasize strongly enough, however, our need to do this tactfully. 8. Don’t Pass the Buck When people are being selective in their tolerance, they are being hypocritical whether they realize it or not. Using #SUSO can help keep others accountable to practice the tolerance and love they insist others demonstrate. Apologizing is a lost art—but it’s central to Christian maturity, manners, and healthy relationships. Each of us needs to rediscover the power of an apology. And we all need to make apologizing part of each day, as appropriate. 7. Remember, It’s Humble Courage We can love people without Are you a model others can follow in good conscience? Don’t blame other people for being a problem if you’re not making a sincere effort to be the change you want to see in others. Take responsibility for the condition of your life, family, church, and our nation, and stop blaming others. 9. Apologize, Mean It, and Make Amends 10. Forgive People . . . Genuinely Like apologizing, genuine forgiveness is also rare these days, and we need “ A small, committed, unified minority can move the majority to take action, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” Solutions • 17