Solutions June 2016 - Page 60

reading this page. Before we dive any deeper, I want to reassure you of something. Your desire to be loved is OK. Cling to that truth. Hold it tight when you hear those incessant voices whisper things like, “You don’t need anything. Or anyone. Just be independent.” Maybe you’ve listened to those whispers and tried to silence those needs, to become self-sufficient and independent and strong. I’ve sure tried before. But I learned that it doesn’t work. Because it isn’t supposed to. Our desire to be loved is more than OK—it’s part of what makes us human. Take a moment and let that truth sink in. LIFE BEFORE SNAPCHAT Before social media, your options to communicate hurtful words or gossip were limited. You could use your home telephone to call the other person’s home telephone, which another member of their family might easily answer instead. If that felt too risky, maybe you could write out your rant and send it in a letter. Yes, an actual letter—a piece of paper that takes several days to get delivered to a mailbox. Or, if you were patient, you could just wait to talk to your friend in person. How many of the comments that you see online every day would actually make it if they had to go through one of these options instead? How about comparing your beauty to others? Before the Internet, you could go to the store and buy a magazine. You could flip through the few local channels you have on your television. Or you could go to the mall and look at what other girls were wearing and shopping for. What about getting to know what the cute guy in your class was up to? Well, that’s too bad. Unless you knew one of his friends who would tell you all about his life, or you creepily followed him around, you would just have to actually get to know him. Oh, the horror. Today, if you have something hurtful to say, you can post it, text it, Tweet it, or better yet, subtweet it. The options are endless. Comparisons? Just hop on Pinterest. Or Tumblr. Check out any fashion blog or store website. TiVo any reality show. Everywhere you turn, you 60 SMG Solutions