Solutions June 2016 - Page 6

Hide and Seek If you’re a woman, you’re a grown up girl, so you get it. If you’re not, it will be a bit difficult to understand. I hope you will keep reading. I am inviting you into an extremely delicate, often scary place, a place I lived for a long time. It is real. It is dangerous. And, unfortunately, it’s where a lot of us girls spend our time. By Erin Weidemann A lot has changed over the years, but the struggle to be a girl in the world remains strangely the same. It’s no secret that, starting at an early age, girls wrestle hard with insecurity and self-doubt. Some are crippled by these feelings. Others are consumed by them, swallowed whole, confused and mistaken about who they are and what they’re worth. This has been the story for generations, and it’s time we, as the body of Christ, do 6 SMG Solutions something about it. When I was young, that struggle was a game called hide and seek. I’m not talking about the game you’re thinking of. Count to ten with your eyes covered while your friends scurry off to find the perfect spot and then giggle excitedly as you try to hunt them down. Not that game. I’m talking about the one all girls play. It starts when we’re little, and we play it for years. Some of us never stop. This is the game: Hide your true self and seek acceptance by chasing the world’s definition of beauty. It starts when we’re young, when we’re trying to make sense of the world and how it works. We learn early that we can cover up the things we don’t like about ourselves; we look out into the world