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work, we strive for acceptance and significance, but we are never satisfied. No human approval can ever substitute for approval from our heavenly Father. The result is that a black cloud of guilt hangs over our lives. Guilt is often the unrecognized motivator in what we say and do—it leads us to try harder and work harder to measure up (what the Bible calls works righteousness). the face of an approving and beaming Father. Ambition of our own never fills our souls. Approval from the Father always will. ***** Excerpted from Like Father Like Son © 2015 by Pete Alwinson. Used by permission of New Growth Press. Excerpt may not be reproduced without the express written permission of New Growth Press. To purchase this and other resources, please visit Pete Alwinson has been involved in developing men for over 30 years. A Californian, he is the founding pastor of Willow Creek Presbyterian Church {PCA} in Winter Springs, Florida, where he served for 26 years as Senior Pastor. He has served churches in California, Illinois, Connecticut and Florida. He is a graduate of Biola College in Communications, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (M.Div) and Reformed Theological Seminary (D. Min) in Oviedo, Florida. Alwinson has taught Communications and the Theology of Ministry at Reformed Theological Because of God’s grace to Seminary and serves on the you in sending his Son to die Board of Directors of Knox for your sins, you can breathe easy. Knowing you are forgiven Seminary in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. in Christ means you can daily and quickly acknowledge Alwinson has been married to God that you are a sinner to Caron for 36 years, and who needs forgiveness. You they have three children, two can bring your workaholism to beloved daughters-in-law, and God and request forgiveness. two grandchildren. His hobbies And daily you will receive forgiveness and love from your include hiking, duck and gator hunting, and fishing with his heavenly Father. Not based family. on your efforts, but based on what Jesus has done for you. You can connect with Pete This is God’s grace. Grace Alwinson at: Facebook: Pete. is receiving what you don’t Alwinson | Twitter: @Petedeserve when there is every Alwinson evidence that you deserve the opposite. Look up and see But the solution is not trying harder—it’s resting on what Christ has done for us. That’s why we must allow the truth of the gospel that Jesus paid it all and did it all to soak through to our masculine work ethic. We need to remember every day that nothing we do, achieve, accomplish, or make can erase our guilt and provide worth. Only the righteousness of Christ can undo, wipe way, and remove guilt before our holy Father—Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross has accomplished it! SMG Solutions 57