Solutions June 2016 - Page 53

of the intimate relationship, they are then free to share their gifts with the rest of the world. If our churches were filled with these kinds of marriages, non-Christians would beat a path to our door. ENRICHMENT GROUPS We must rediscover the biblical picture of marriage. I believe this is best done in earnest, loving discipleship in a small group where people are given specific study assignments to do each week and who gather for sharing, praying, and encouraging each other in building solid Christian marriages. Some time ago, I met with 200 pastors from many denominations and asked, “How many of you have a couple in your church who’s been assigned the responsibility of marriage enrichment?” Only five hands rose. I have asked that question to numerous groups of pastors across the country, and the percentage is almost always the same. Only about two percent of our churches have even assigned anyone responsibility for marriage enrichment. We have full-time staff to work with youth, singles, music, and other areas, but not even volunteer leaders for marriage enrichment. It is my vision that over the next ten years, every American church will have someone leading ongoing marriage enrichment groups. Many couples are capable of leading such groups; they only need the vision and encouragement of church leaders. If this can happen, we will see the tide begin to turn on divorce statistics – first in the church, and then in the culture. Curriculum for such groups is readily available. What is lacking is vision and mobilization. Christians must become model قXX[X\XYKXX\XY\XYH\[™܈][[^[Hܛ8&\˜[Y[]Y\[˂THTPS%]]܋XZ\\܋[[[ܸ%\B\[ۈ܈[H[܂[[[HܛH\[œ[][ۜ\ˈH\B\[[]]܈وBHݙH[XY\\Y\˜[H\X܈وX\XYB[[Z[HYHۜ[[[ˈ\H][Hܛ\[[[Z[\[\Y[ܘ[HZ\ۂ[ܙH[ ][ۜ˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ\]ˍ[ݙ[[XY\˘KHHHHHH HHHH Hܜ™HHHHHH[HHۈ[HY 'HHHوHHHHH\H[[\\8&HHHHYۙYB\ۈXHHHوHHXHH[XY['BH]HHKQ][ۜ L‚