Solutions June 2016 - Page 4

Solutions is received by nearly 100,000 Pastors & Ministry Leaders, along with one million believers - and growing with every edition! Contact: advertise@SmithMediaGroup. com or call 419-224-6010 to discuss advertisement of your business, conference, upcoming event, or new resource. **Special Rates apply for early and/or multiple ad purchases. 47 Contents 6 Hide and Seek by Erin Weidemann 11 Q&A with Dr. Barry 11 Corey, author of Love Kindness 18 Interview with Jerry Jenkins on his latest novel release 22 Standing on the Edge of the Water by Tammy Trent 6 27 Talking With Your Teen About Tough Questions by Tom Gilson 30 Tim Tebow’s Foundation Makes Global Impact for Children 4 SMG Solutions