Solutions June 2016 - Page 22

Standing on the Edge of theWater By Tammy Trent It’s a beautiful, sunny, soft, breezy day here in Nashville, Tennessee. I find myself feeling a bit lazy today. Everything on the other side of the window in front of me says “come outside and have some fun.” While everything on this side of the window says, “close the blinds and crawl under the covers.” I think closing our eyes and crawling under the covers somehow makes us feel like everything will stop. The circumstances, the pain, the hurt, the questions, the disappointments. All of it. But every time I do that, eventually I have to open my eyes again and there I am facing the same things. At that point it becomes a choi H܂YKH[Z]\H\XHݙ\[[ۈ^Hۋ܈B[H^H[H]Hx&[H[ۙ[K\܈Y \H\HX\H[]HXZB][Y\[HHYXX]و^B\ؘ[ [[\[\[X\L]  Kx&[]\ܙ]]X\ۈ[^HYK[[Y\ KH\\ۘ[H]Q][ۜ‚