Solutions June 2016 - Page 19

Solutions General Editor, Kelinda Crawford, speaks with Jerry B. Jenkins, author of the Left Behind series and nearly 200 other books, 21 of which were New York Times Bestsellers, about his latest book, The Valley of the Dry Bones. Kelinda: Jerry, we’re excited about your latest book, The Valley of the Dry Bones! Could you share with us what the novel is about and your inspiration behind it? Jerry: It’s set about a decade into the future and a 17-year drought has left California uninhabitable, forcing its citizens to relocate. Fewer than 1% of its population remain – by choice or necessity, but a contingency of 16 fe [˜[Yو^K]Z\ۈ\Z[\\HY\ˈ^H[[\[\H]˜[XHY[Z[B[\[[XH][\]K][ۙH]B[H[Y[K[[N[H]HB]ܚ]H\X\[B’\NHXZ[\X\ZHܜK\H\ؘ[[]\H[Z[B\][\]\][܂\[\XHZ\[ۈ8$[]HXZو[]H]\HوH[B]ZKHXY\˜۝[Yx&\X\\XHH[\[[[N[H\B[\Z][[\ܚY\]][[XXO’\NH^H\[\BH[H\[[YK]\[ܞH[[YHܙYXK\X[\X\ˈXZ[Z[X[]K]\HY^BY\HY XY\˜۝[Y ܈Y\™Z] ]^HܛY]œ\YX]\[[H[H]Z[˂[[N[YHX]ž[\YH[Z[˂\H[H[\YHB[H[][\[[K܈[H]BܙX]]HYX\[\[Y’\Nx&]H]\Y[\XH[[]X[X]\H^HܞHYX\YBK܈X\و[[H\ˈ[ܝ H^B][]H[XZH[B\H\X[HH\Hق\\]HYX\[Y[^Z[ٙXX\[^HXY [H\][˜[H[H[KHHœ][\\[\X\[YX[]X][ۜ[ܚ]B[]]\[˂[[N\H\[\]ܚ]HXHܚ]O’\NHۙ\H]BX]Y^\[HXHB[^Hܚ][]KX\[][]H]K]8&\‚Hۙ\H]HX]Y^\[HXHH[^Hܚ][]KX\˜[][]H]KQ][ۜ NB