Soltalk May 2017 - Page 49

BOOK talk The Sagrada Familia (l), by Gijs van Hensbergen is a definitive and illuminating biography of one of the most famous, and most famously unfinished, buildings in the world. This book explores the evolution of this remarkable Barcelona building, working through the decades right up to the present day before looking beyond to the final stretch of its construction. It is a guidebook, a chronological history, and a moving and compelling study of man’s aspiration to the divine. Rich in detail, vast in scope, this is a revelatory and authoritative study of a building and its place in history, and Antoni Gaudí, the genius that created it. If you are a twitcher heading north or east, then you may wish to consider buying Where To Watch Birds In Northern & Eastern Spain (p), a definitive guide to finding birds in those locations. An impressive range 47 of habitats from the Pyrenees to the sun-drenched Catalan coast means the area is rich in birdlife, and full of potential for visiting birders. Almost 200 sites are described in this updated, third edition, with full coverage of terms of habitat, access, and the species to be seen. The accounts are illustrated by detailed maps and beautiful line drawings of selected species. The book includes comprehensive coverage of all thirteen autonomous regions, with a descriptive list of all the resident, visiting and rare birds to be found. Di Stéfano (p) is Ian Hawkey’s definitive biography of one of the greatest footballers that ever lived. Over 20 years , Di Stéfano was the guiding force behind three teams in three countries: at River Plate in his native Argentina; at Millonarios FC of Bogotá in Colombia; and then in 1953, after one of the most bitter transfer tug-of-wars in sporting history, Real Madrid or Spain. In Madrid, he became football’s first global icon, nicknamed ‘Blond Arrow’ for his powerful stamina, tactical versatility and precision goal scoring. This is his complete story, including candid and exclusive interviews. Key: (l) hardback or large paperback (p) small paperback ISSUE 188