Soltalk May 2017 - Page 40

38 ARIES You could achieve a long-cherished goal. If you’re feeling a bit selfish, that’s fine. It’s part of your charm. Relax and do what comes naturally. A financial decision that seems obvious to you may surprise others, but your instincts will outweigh any advice. However, be smart and not hasty. TAURUS Try to become better organised and clean up loose ends. You’ll get plenty of help without needing to ask. Take full advantage and remember to show your gratitude. Create a more beautiful world for yourself and know that you can make it last. GEMINI You will be extra playful, people will appreciate your cheerfulness and the charm of your inner child, but you won’t do it for them, you’ll do it for you. Give yourself some time to reflect on what you want to do. Don’t jump in, but let all those ideas settle down in your mind first. CANCER Feel at home wherever you are - your own home will probably be the best, and you may resist going out, but you’ll be just as happy once you’re out. You’ll make a lot of other people feel comfortable and at home, too. Get emotional and maybe romantic if you feel like it. M AY 2 017 LEO Friends, neighbours, or family could surprise you with a show of friendliness. It may not be flowers, but it could come in material form just as well as compliments. Look for career or work opportunities. You know your own mind. Be authoritative but not bossy. VIRGO An obscure financial matter comes to light. Give logic a rest this month and be more intuitive. It could be a great time to examine more deeply a subject that has strong emotional appeal. You can master the basics of something that turns an event or occasion your way. LIBRA Be who you want to be this month. You may have the most fun by not making any firm plans. Be spontaneous. This month could bring people to you who have useful advice or suggestions. You may have no obvious concerns, but there could be small issues that you’d like to lay to rest. SCORPIO This month could be rich in mystery. From your point of view you may learn more than you want to know. Be patient and take a time-out if it all gets to be too much. The month could also bring you a new love or a fresh, powerful insight that enriches your current relationship. SAGITTARIUS Expect to receive invitations or tickets to a show. You don’t have to be the one to throw the party. This month highlights creature comforts and how healthy they can be. It may be hard to moderate what you eat, but you should be able to reduce stress. You’ll still be busy, of course. CAPRICORN Expect to become part of a larger, more cooperative team. You find more pleasure in something that has been barely amusing. See the value in something or some action that you may have dismissed as frivolous. You’ve probably been too hurried to take a careful look. AQUARIUS You could attract a lot more people into your life. It may be only for a few days when a lot of new acquaintances appear and introduce you to their culture, arts, music, and food. Enjoy it. Be ready for anything. Let life become more comfortable, lovely, and loving. PISCES You can get just about anyone to cooperate and work with you to make life smoother. Don’t be overly ambitious, but you could probably herd cats right now. You may enjoy a dreamy, romantic weekend. Peace and quiet may be scarce, but you’ll cherish every moment.