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26 for future successes. Among the initial exhibits are coffee-infused Coca-Cola and Harley-Davidson’s 1990s line of colognes which apparently have a fragrance reminiscent of exhaust emissions. Two previous attempts in 2007 and 2014 to open a Museum of Failures … er, failed. You couldn’t make it up Wealthy people who bought £900,000 houses in a luxury development are extremely upset that they’ve been given telephone codes belonging to a less wealthy area. Residents expecting to get Bath’s “prestigious” 01225 area code were devastated to find that they had been issued with the apparently less appealing 01761 code, which is more commonly found in the “poorer” town of Radstock. Local councillor June Player says she is now dealing with ten complaints about the phone number, with some owners even saying they would not have bought the property had they known beforehand they would be given the Radstock dialling code. One admitted, “I do consider my phone number to be part of my identity.” The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum is switching to solar power. Honest. The Apenheul primate park in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, is engaged in a four-year experiment, offering female orangutans an iPad loaded with photos of eligible male orangutans from zoos around the world, with the females able to express interest or disinterest by swiping the screen. Researchers admit results have been mixed. One female, who was handed an iPad with a potential suitor displayed, merely crushed the tablet. Catholic priest Juan Carlos Martínez, aged 40, apologised shortly after realizing he had gone “too far” during March’s Carnival celebrations in a town in Galicia. He admitted to acting inappropriately by dressing as Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner, reclining on a red satin sheet on a parade float carrying men dressed as classic Playboy “bunnies.” Despite apparent public support for Father Martínez, his Archbishop asked him to attend a “spiritual retreat” to reflect on his behaviour. They walk amongst us Police in Washington DC have released video of a robbery at a convenience store during March. It shows a man walking into the shop brandishing a gun and forcing the assistant to hand over cash. However, it is not until he is standing in front of her at the counter that he realised he hasn’t put on his mask. He hurriedly pulls it over his face but it’s too late because the camera has M AY 2 017 already caught a perfect mug shot. Police in Cardiff are on the lookout for a thief who bungled a break-in attempt by filming himself in the act. In March, he attempted to steal from a minivan when he found it unlocked. He grabbed a dashcam and other items, but as he turned to leave, he looked directly into a security camera installed on the owner’s house. He then covered his face with one hand and quickly put everything back in the van where he found it. Unfortunately for him, he also managed to video ́ݡɕѡ)͡)Mɔѡ՝Ѓ+ȁ!ٕ-彸 ɹ́ݡ݅)յɽ́ ͡ɔѼ)ѡUL䁥1ЁѠѼ)ѕ٥ݕ䁽́ݡѡ՝)݅́ѕɽɥи!ٕ䁑ձ䁅ѕ)ͼͥ́䁙ЁѼɥ)Ё݅́ɕѼɅٕѕȸ9)́ݕɔЁЁ ̰)!ٕ䁑ձ䁙܁Ѽ=ɱ!)ɕ́ݕɔݥѠѡɹ䁽)͔Ȱѕȁ!ٕ䁥́)ѡɕѡ́)Qɽɽ͔ݡ́Ʌѡ)Aհ-彸Ёѡ٥ٕ̈́݅)ɴȁѡѽȁٕѕѱ)ѥɽกQѡՕѥq)ԁ͕Ѽȁٔԁٕ)ѕɽɥЁѥ٥ѥ̰)ͅхȁtAհ)ѥ́ѕ)5ȁ-彸ͅѕȁѡЁѡɥ)́ձeЁ͕ѡչͥ+q!ٕ䁡́٥ͱ䁹ٕȁ)ȁЁ)ͅхեє܁́)ѥѡ՝$eЁѕѡѡЁ)ѡUL今t+ȁ̀е啅ȵ՝ѕ) مɥݡݕɔЁȁɥٔ)ѠѡéIձЁٕѥ)ݥѠѡѽݸQݕɔɭ)ѡɽͥɽչɕ́Ѡ)5չݡɅѽȁձե)ɔɽѡeԁ͕)ݡɔѡ́́eЁ)́ѡɅѽȁɕЁѡ)չ͡䰁͕ѡѥɔ)Ѽѡȁٕٕɥѡ)́ɽѼѽͱ)Aͅѡȁ́ɽ䁄ɥє)ЁѡЁ݅́ɕ+ͽȁȁ5)ݡɹqѡэt݅ɐ)5ɍѕȁ́ݼ́ѡɕ)MхєMх́ѼȴȁɅܸ!ݕٕȰ)ѡɽѼэ́х)ѡѠ́ݥ)ɱɥ)EU=QL)]ѠѡU,ѡȁɅ)ѥ)չఁͽѡ՝́)ѡɍͥɅ+q%Ё́ݕݸЁѡЁѡ͔)ݡЁ݅ЁѼձ)ɔͼѼѡ͔)ЁեѕѼлt)՝́̀QIхɅЁЁѡ)ѡUٕ͔+q%Ʌ䰁ͽݡ)ѼЁѕѼ݅)ͽ͕ݥѠѡѡ՝Ёѡ)ѡɔ݅́ͽѡЁեє)Ёлt)QՍ呥̀!ѽ䁽ѡ)Aͥ]Ȥ+q%ٽѥ䁑ɕѡ)ݽձeЁЁ́лt)5ɬQ݅+q%ӊéЁѡٽѥѡӊéɅ)ӊéѡչѥt)QMѽɐ)յ̤+qQЁɝյЁ)Ʌ䁥́ٔє)ٕͅѥݥѠѡٕɅٽѕȻt)]ѽ ɍ+qAѥ́́͡ձ)ɕՕѱ䁅ȁѡ)ͅɕͽt(ѠA՝Օ͔ɥѕȁ))5ɥEՕɽ+qɅ䁥́٥ݡɕ)ѡЁݔٕ͡ɹѕ)ѡݔ͕ٔt)ɝ ɹɐM+qe׊eɔ9Ёѡȁ=)ȁéͅ$ѱ䁍eЁх)ѡ̸QɗéѽՍѥ́)Ёѡи]䁑́͡)Ѽt)ȁѡՉԵ啅ȵ) ɕɽ ɥѽѕ٥ݕ) ɥѥ͠QXѡѡѥ݅)չ)ɅѕհݱЁѼѡݥ)́ɽݡͽѡ́ѕɥ)Ʌѕ55ɽȰ)ɕ̰%ЁMչ䰁5)Mչ䰁QMոQMչQ̰Q)Q́QQɅ)Mͽѡչ䰁ɔȁЁ)ݕɐ ɥѥ́ȁ)ѥ́ɔݕ)䁕ѼͅɅͽх