Soltalk May 2017 - Page 26

News from the UK and around the World . . . the wild, the wacky, the wonderful, the weird and the downright infuriating Person-agement of language Councillors at Harlow in Essex have been accused of “student union politics” after banning the use of any job titles which include the word “man”. Following the use of “chairperson” instead of “chairman,” the Labour controlled authority is ensuring that all job titles are “gender neutral.” A sports field, for example, will no longer have a “groundsman” but a “groundsperson.” Councillors have also agreed to take a “gender audit” of staff. Opposition Tory councillor Shona Johnson M AY 2 017 tried to get the motion scrapped, but failed as the Labour majority passed it. She said, “I have no problem with being called chairman, nor does it demean me as a woman. Once this language police starts, where will it stop?” Her fellow Conservative Joel Charles described the move as “student union politics” and a “distraction” from the real issues affecting the area. All Conservative councillors abstained in the vote. Councillor Emma Toal, who tabled the motion, said, “Language matters and we can’t pretend it doesn’t matter,” adding testily, “Something like this is bigger than party politics.” Boys in Blue Scottish police were last month sent to a break-in at a Tesco supermarket in Glasgow’s Great Western Road. Unfortunately, the incident happened 150 miles away at another Tesco in Aberdeen’s Great Western Road. The control room blunder came days after the Aberdeen emergency call centre was closed as part of a drive to save cash. A policeman in New South Wales interrupted a press conference last month to make an arrest. Detective Inspector Winston Woodward was briefing the media when a dishevelled