Soltalk May 2017 - Page 18

16 16 NEWS Muvel opens A new museum opened in the capital of the Axarquía last month. The Museo de Vélez-Málaga, or Muvel as it will be known, offers visitors a glimpse into the town’s history, including the cultural and archaeological heritage of the area. The new attraction is in Plaza de San Juan de Dios. Cyber suspects Two Britons are amongst five suspects detained last month in a crackdown on cyber-crime. Police co-ordinated by Europol raided addresses in the UK city of Liverpool, as well as in Barcelona and the Canary Islands, where IT equipment was confiscated. The gang, said to have generated substantial financial returns since 2013, is suspected of developing sophisticated malware and selling it in forums used by hackers. More clients Two more plots have been reserved at the Vélez-Málaga Agricultural Technology Centre. Wholesale fruit and vegetable firm Onybio signed up last month, as did Algo Suena which hires out professional sound and lighting equipment. The latter has previously acquired a 1,257 square metre site, and their new acquisition will be used for storage. Plan panned Izquierda Unida councillors in Vélez- Málaga have expressed indignation at the town’s plans to stage a bullfight on June 10. Their comments follow mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer’s announcement that a temporary bullring will be erected on the town’s fairground. Several groups have also demanded that the town hall abide by the municipal agreement on the defence of animals. Caterpiller alert Parts of Vélez-Málaga have been suffering huge invasions of processionary caterpillars. Complaints have been received from residents in the districts of La Villa and La Fortaleza who are close to 600 pine trees where moths lay the eggs which hatch into the dangerous insects. The town hall says the trees have not been treated, but that most of the nests have been destroyed. M AY 2 017 Torrox court renovation suspended Moves to upgrade the 19th century building which houses Torrox Court House has run into an apparently insurmountable problem: differences between the town hall and the regional government. Conditions inside the Casa de La Hoya have been the subject of complaints for years with no disabled access resulting in lawyer-client meetings often having to be held in the street outside. So last November, when the Junta de Andalucía signed a €74,0000 contract for the installation of an elevator and the elimination of architectural barriers in the building, there were sighs of relief. The work was promised to be complete by the summer of this year. However, only three weeks into the renovation project, it was halted because the town hall is refusing to make a neighbouring building available for the installation of machinery needed for the new elevator. It has called on the Junta de Andalucía to revise the plan by moving the lift to another part of the court house, an option which would incur additional costs. The Justice Ministry at the Junta de Andalucía disagrees with the request and has asked Torrox’ mayor Oscar Medina to sort it out. However, Sr Medina argues that giving up the neighbouring building would be a cultural loss to the town as it presently is home to a flamenco club. The Casa de La Hoya was ceded to the Junta de Andalucía by the town hall in 1992 as a temporary home for the courts for a period of five years. By 2008, numerous negative reports forced the Junta to promise the construction of a new courthouse, but this was ruled out in November 2016 when a project to upgrade the present building was promised. As well as the planned lift, the project includes three new toilets to replace the two presently in existence, with the ground floor toilet being adapted for use by the disabled. The building’s roof is to be cleaned and repaired, and the whole building will be repainted internally and externally in an effort to combat damp. However, the renovation work, which began in the afternoons only so as not to disrupt the work of the courts, now appears to have hit its own political architectural barrier. Torrox man jailed for Easter procession attack A 33-year-old man from Torrox who attacked and injured a security guard during an Easter procession in Vélez- Málaga has been ordered to be held in custody in Alhaurín de la Torre jail without bail. The incident began when the suspect was struck on the head by one of the thrones which was being processed through the streets of Vélez and blamed the security guard for not warning him of the danger. He was treated at the Hospital Comarcal in the town, before returning to the scene at about 3.30am. By this time, he was carrying a baseball bat and set about the 28-year-old security guard, striking him at least twice. One of the blows to the victim’s head almost tore off his right ear. He was rushed to hospital and immediately admitted with just a centimetre of skin keeping the ear attached. It is unclear whether he will be able to have the ear reattached successfully. The alleged perpetrator is reported to be well-known to the police and has a record of at least 20 incidents. These include one in Torrox Costa last October in which a young man who he found at his former girlfriend’s house was attacked with HۚYKX]H\Z[H\Y[&Hܛ\[[^Sp[YH\˜\Z[YوH8'^[\'HوBۈ[X ^HZ[K\¸'X[ۙY8'HH\ܘ][ۈوB۸&\HHYHX]K^H^B][YHݚ[X[ݙ\Y[\YܙYYY[[BH8 Z[[ۈڙX ]\Y[^YYHH M][X\[Y] Y[]Hٙ\[^\HYܚ\\YBX[X\ K