Soltalk May 2017 - Page 16

14 14 LOCAL news NEWS Porn arrests National Police in Spain have helped break up a major child pornography ring working with Europol and Interpol. Around 90 people have been detained in 18 European, Central and South American countries. The suspects, many of whom used false on-line identities, were members of 100 user groups with a paedophile theme who swapped images via the internet using WhatsApp. Toddler death A formal investigation has opened into the circumstances surrounding the death of an 18-month-old girl who died following a heart attack when she was at a private nursery in Madrid on April 5. It was at first thought that she had been asphyxiated when she became trapped in a fence. The toddler was rushed to hospital but died a day or two later. Catalan poll Almost half of Cataluña’s population would prefer greater autonomy to independence. A new poll published by El Pais last month shows 46% of respondents welcomed the prospect of “new and guaranteed exclusive powers.” If a referendum on the issue were to be called now, a further 19% would totally reject separation from Spain while 44% would continue to call for an independent state. PSOE hopefuls The operation to elect the next leader of Spain’s socialist PSOE party is underway with all three aspirants having formally registered their candidature. They now have until May 4 to collect supporters ahead of a primary vote, with the final election during the party conference in mid-June. Those standing are Andalucía’s president, Susan Díaz, former party leader Pedro Sánchez and former Galician leader Patxi López. Wine protest Wine producers on the Montpellier region of southern France launched a campaign last month against the “unfair competition” posed by imported wines. They claim consumer fraud is being committed by “those importing European cheap wines, mainly from Spain,” and labelling the bottles so they appear to be French. They underlined the campaign was not against Spanish wines, but against fraudulent marketing. Drowning tragedy Almuñécar Town Hall declared three days of official mourning after a toddler was found dead in a swimming pool last month. The three-year-old boy went missing from his home in a rural area, and it was 80 minutes before his body was found. Police investigating the tragedy say it is likely he fell into the water and drowned. M AY 2 017 Panic during Sevilla Easter procession Eight people, including at least two minors, were arrested in Sevilla last month following disturbances during one of the city’s Easter parades early on Good Friday. The night left 17 people injured, with one in intensive care described as having suffered “critical” head injuries. Seven of the men are accused of vandalism and creating disorder, as well as making threats and striking the ground with metal rods with the intention of disrupting the procession and alarming the public. Three were ordered to be held in custody by a court on Friday. Their actions began around 4.00am at one of the most devout moments of the night during the city’s famous Madrugá, during which six brotherhoods process through the city. The suspects caused panic amongst the crowd watching the procession and a stampede began amongst those trying to get away, with 17 requiring hospital treatment for bruising and anxiety attacks. Order was later restored and the procession continued. However, the band accompanying the penitents were unable to complete the route after some of their instruments were damaged in the mêlée. The eighth man arrested, a Sengalese national, was detained after shouting, “Allah is great,” several times as a procession passed. He was freed on Friday after no links were found between him and any Islamic group. Links between the others and terrorism were generally ruled out, although investigations continue after pro-ETA shouts were heard during the disturbance. A number of other people, including more minors, have been questioned following the night’s events which Sevilla’s City Council described as “isolated incidents” of “vandalism and hooliganism.” However, police said later that suspects’ text messages were being examined to determine whether the action had been premeditated. Meanwhile, Good Friday also saw panic in the Castilla-La Mancha village of Bolaños de Calatrava when a statue of the Virgin Mary caught fire. Her gown came into contact with a naked candle and the ensuing blaze damaged the statue and cross. Prompt action by the pall bearers ensured there were no casualties. Earlier in the week, a fight between youths disrupted one of the processions in Málaga with rumours of a terrorist attack spreading quickly. The incident at 2.00am on the Tuesday resulted in spectators fleeing from the scene. No major injuries were reported and there have been no reports of detentions. Nerja increases towing charge It will soon cost more to retrieve a badly-parked vehicle which has been taken to the police pound by Nerja’s tow truck. Councillors have agreed to raise the charge from its present €48 by 56 per cent to €75. The town hall says the increased charge to motorists is necessary to make the service more attractive to potential concession holders. At least twice in recent years, when applications have been invited, there were no takers. The councillor responsible, Óscar Jiménez, said that, under the present arrangement, the truck operator gets €33 for each vehicle removed from the town’s streets. Under the new scheme, which has yet to be formally approved, the operator will receive the full sum of €75. He said the amount is “very similar” to the charge levied in other towns along the coast of Málaga. The councillor added that ѡ)ɑ́ɽٕ)٥хѥѼѕȁȁѡͥ)ݥՉ͡!ݕٕȰ)ѡЁѡͥ䁽她ѽ)Սȁѡѽݸѕ)ͥɕЁɕѕ!)ѡаЁЁɽչ Ս)ɍ͔ݽձЁ٥)ɕ͕и)Ё)5ɍ́Ё̃qӊtЁЁѼ)ѕȸQ䁅Ё ٕɄ)ͽѠѡхЃ )Ёٕ́ȁѼѡՉ)ͥՍѥݽɬȸ)QɕٕɹЁٕ́ѡ)ѡЁձݕ)٥ͥѽ́Ѽѡɕ́Ёȁ啅)ձɅѥє́ѥ)х䁹齹