Soltalk May 2017 - Page 10

Comment... 8 Welcome to the May edition of Soltalk, Easter has gone, now we can look forward to Christmas! Just kidding. In the Comment back in December 2013, I mentioned that Madrid’s buskers had to audition – X-factor style – before being allowed to perform on the street under new legislation. I wondered then whether Nerja would also adopt this “test” - thinking of a few people who maybe wouldn’t pass. I just found out that around 30 street entertainers were pitched against one another in Nerja’s Cultural Centre last month as they vied to win the right to entertain visitors to Nerja this summer. Teachers from the municipal music school judged their efforts for quality and had to decide which would add a “cultural and friendly atmosphere.” Those successful will perform at different local outdoor sites during the summer. Perhaps I had some influence? Ha ha. Congratulations to reader Robert Jones who has managed to win both the puzzle prizes this month! This has never happened before but since both The Cottage and Keats Bar select a winner at random - it’s not a fix we promise! Well done Robert, enjoy your meals! See our prize puzzles on page 50 and try your luck next month. May 3 is the Day of the Cross or Día de la Cruz. This is said to have started in 1878 when traditionally the young men of Nerja M AY 2 017 would sing to the marrigeable girls after midnight on April 30. This has now become an opportunity for the various areas قHۈ[]\\H[][]H[[H]\X[[[ˈXX\XHZ\\[ۙ^H܈H][[Xܙ]H\Yۜ[X^[ܘ[ܛ\X\H[\^YYۈH^HوHܛˈ\H\H^\܈H\\YۋH\و\H\\X[\H\[[\H\[][[][ۈ\] \\HY\Hو\K[H[XHٙ\YH[˜[H[\HوH[XX[]Y\]\H\\Y܈\™^K[[[ۈ\\0X\H[X[\Y]XYHB[\\][H[[[Y]]\ܝ[\[\\ ]X]KHۈ[[XZ\HܛۈH[ۂH]\H[ݚY\[\Z[Y[\H˂X^H\^H]\]H[۝܈HX]\X[Z[›YHوH]\[[Y\ YK\][HZ[H[X]\BوHY\XH[\YˈHۙ\[^Hو[X][ۈ[ۛ\وH]ۈZ[وYܚX[\K\HH\[ۈقܜ\[Y\[\[\[\]XZHZ\^HHH[Hو\HH]\[X\܈HYB\K\X\[\HX]]Y[H\Y[Y][ۘ[]][[]\HX\[YYH]\X[[[[[[HHHZ\Y]\[H\H[[[܂۝[\]]\[ۙH\[HK[HBTRT