Soltalk July 2017 - Page 51

CAS News For the month of August we will be trading only from Monday to Friday 10.00am until 2.00pm. We will resume normal working hours in September. CAS will try to remove animals from foster homes if the fosterer is experiencing difficulty. Finding another foster home is done as quickly as possible but can’t always be achieved the same day. If the foster pet becomes ill or is in need of medication, CAS will pay for vet bills, but once an animal is adopted, the new owner becomes responsible for all expenses. Punta Lara CAS Quiz takes a break CAS would like to express our appreciation to Mark at the Punta Lara Bar and our regular quizzers for putting on another brilliant season of trivial pursuit. These quizzes have helped CAS raise much needed funds throughout the winter and spring. We will be taking a break during the dog days of summer but will resume these fun quizzes at the Punta Lara Bar in Nerja on the third Friday of each month starting in October. Some animals are rehomed locally and potential new owners may ask to come and meet the animal. This can be done at the foster home or arrangements can be made to meet at another location. All manner of people can foster, from those living in the countryside to people in towns and villages, apartments and villas. The only requirement is that the animal is well cared for: fed, watered and activated, kept warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. Could you help CAS? If you are interested in becoming a CAS fosterer, please contact Vera on 95 252 9670 for a no-obligation chat. CAS is always in need of more volunteer helpers in a number of areas, so if you have spare time to fill, please make contact! In particular, more fundraisers are needed to work with our team, people are required to help with the feeding of the cats at the numerous feeding stations maintained by CAS, and animal lovers who could undertake a monthly airport run are necessary to take animals being re-homed in northern Europe to catch their flights. In addition, fosterers are always required to take short-term care of animals until a permanent home can be found for them. Even if you are only here for few months a year, CAS would appreciate your help. Featured Cat of the Month - Millie Millie was born in September 2016 and is very sweet and uncomplicated. She gets on well with people, cats and dogs. Spayed and vaccinated - could travel anywhere, although a local home would be nice. She was rescued from certain death in the pound and is now in Nerja in a foster home. If you can offer her a loving home, please contact CAS via our website,, or ring Vera on 95 252 9670. For a no-obligation chat, contact Vera on 95 252 9670 for general enquiries. Simone on 619 903 815 can answer queries about airport runs in English or German. Millie And despite the tough times, money is still needed to cope with the continuous flow of abandoned dogs and cats requiring help from the Costa Animal Society. If you could donate a little to help the animals, CAS would be most grateful. CAS Shop News Fancy a horse ride while helping CAS? We are now taking bookings for Andale horse riding school in the shop. With each booking CAS receives a €5 donation. Bank : Cajamar Account Name : Costa Animal Society Account Number : 3058 0728 03 2720100283 BIC-Swift Code : CCRIES2A IBAN Code : ES91 3058 0728 0327 2010 0283 The CAS shop is located next door to the Good Stuff Café in Nerja at Calle Castilla Perez, 2. The new premises, three times bigger than before, allow CAS to offer a &vR&vRbVƗG6V6BֆB6Fr&2'&2'&2BVV7G&6FV2vBv&r&FW"FF2bƖRFV2&Rv0vV6R6''vR6B7F6gW&GW&R42266VVpfVFVW'2Fv&FR6V6R6BFƲF6vW"&Vf"gW'FW"f&FVrW'2&Pg&VF'FF6GW&FW6VFr&氦ƖF2FRFVWRV&W"2c3B3SV6RFSFRशVWFV6vFFR67F66WGF&VvFR40vV'6FR66W&&rC