Soltalk July 2017 - Page 48

BookTalk Book Talk with Smiffs book & card store, Nerja The Alhambra fort, palace and gardens in Granada has inspired many a yarn down the years, the latest being Court Of Lions (p) by Jane Johnson from Cornwall, England. Escaping a traumatic experience, Kate Fordham flees to the ancient capital of the Moors of Granada and finds work in a bar. In the Alhambra gardens, she finds a scrap of paper bearing strange symbols. It turns out to have been hidden in one of the ancient walls since before the city fell to the Christian Reconquista in 1492. Born of love in a time of danger, the fragment is a catalyst that changes Kate’s life forever. This epic saga brings one of the great turning-points in history to life, telling the stories of a modern woman and the last Moorish ruler of Granada, as they both move towards their cataclysmic destinies. a mysterious fall. After landing on Spanish soil, it soon becomes apparent that Alex’s journey is not a prodigal’s return. The Low Voices (p), by the Galician writer, poet and journalist Manuel Rivas, is, in his own words, ‘a novel about life … life itself telling stories … the memory of the quiet voices of the people I got to know’. It draws on a patchwork of memories from his early life under Franco: his beloved sister, Maria, who died young, his verbivore mother; his father, a building worker with vertigo; and a supporting cast of local priests, chatty hairdressers, monstrous carnival effigies, and a baritone cockerel. It is full of personal stories, of his youth and of his burgeoning career in journalism, against a ba ɽչѡչ)ɕѡ٥݅ȁ))%Ё́ȁѕЁ!ѱЁѥѱ̰ͽѥɕ䁹ܰѡ)٥Ѽ͵ɉɵЁȁѡЁѥȁ)ɕՕͽѥ́ѕȁѥЁɥиɔՔ)ȁՉѥمɥ́ѕ́ѡ́Ѡɱ)՝иQ!ѱЁ́ɕ́ѼՑЁȁ)ɑɥ́M͠ѡѡ́Ѡ)=Qѡє)M͠ѡȁI) ɉ̰́ݥѠѡ)͍ٕ䁽ɽѥ͔)́͡ѡͭ)=M͠ѽݸ)Ʌ䁑ȁѕȁѡ)Ёѡ)Չ%Ё́ɽʹ)аЁѥ)ѕ́Ս=)ѽ䁉а)ٕѵ́ѽ䁄+aɥd!́չٕѡȰєم́ѥɕѡͽe)ͽɑ5Սѡٕչ́ѕéɅ)ѽɵѕٽЁѡȁٽ́ɕͽչɽѡ)ɕ͡ݽɑ)ɽݐѡȁѥ)Օ́ե́)ɽѥѥQٕ́́)ɸM)̸)%ѡٕUȁQMո(U,ٕЁ)ɹЁ1ѥ5)éɥ́)ѡ́͡٥ѡɕ)ȁѥհ)MQɕ䁥́ȁɽ)əиQ݅͡)եݥѠ́и)͕́ɕѱ䁕ɭ)٥͕ȁ)ٕ́ٔѡ䁉ȁ͡)չ́ѡͱ䁉)ѽݸ5ɕɽչ) ɥѥ͠Ʌ́)ͥՍ́ȸ)]ͥ͵)ḾѼɕЁѡ)́Ёݥٔ)ѡ݅䁙ȁȁ͍ )ѡɔ́ɔѼMѡ́ѡ唰ݡ)݅́͡ѡѕɥ́ɍյх̰)ɕ͕́͡䁉ѡ䁽ݥѠѡݕȁѼչɅٕѡ)Ѡ)ȁAɥ̀))ձ)9ݥéəհѽ)ȁٕ䁑ɕЁ)ݡɕѕѡɸ)ݽɱٕ́Ѽɉ)ɵиQՉ́ɔ) ɱ́XM!)Y%%$Ʌ́$)ɅMձѡ)5иQɽ՝ѡ)ѕɱѽɥ̰9ݥ)́͡а٥٥ѽ䁽)]Q1̀Mѕ ɝ͕́9)չѕ䁥ɥЁ́չӊéɴȁ ɍ!)ݼɽ̸́ȁɽ9܁eɬ)ѡɥձɔ́չЁ́Ѽٔݥ)ЁѡѡM͠ ٥]ȃLȁͼéѡ)݅́ѼٔL啅́ѕȁɽ(