Soltalk July 2017 - Page 40

Your stars for July Aries Leo Sagittarius If you’ve been stalled or putting off doing something at home, you’re ready now. Your world buzzes with excitement and social opportunities during July. Make a change or improvement that has been on your mind for a long time, it will make yourself and members of your family a lot happier. Get inspired and have more fun doing something ordinary in the most unordinary way. You may be wildly busy and involved in life, in an introverted way. If you’ve seen a change in a partnership or romance, take all the time you need to come to grips with it and make things turn out your way. July turns you loose to be and do whatever is most fulfilling. Prepare for admirers or jealous onlookers to complicate life. It will still be amusing. Feel strong and bold about being you. This can attract new partners, too. You will have the power to cut through the fog and solve a situation or problem. Taurus Virgo Capricorn Life gets easier and lovelier this month. You’re in the mood to pamper yourself and be more comfortable. Don’t overindulge or break the budget though. Daily life may briefly get complicated and people may make it seem worse than it is, but stay encouraged. You could get phone calls, photos, or texts from relatives who just want to see your lovely face and hear your voice. Yield to the attention. This won’t go on for long. This month your luck improves as well as your view of a certain problem. People want to be around you. It could be hard to escape all demands on your time. Find solace in music, reading, and private moments if you can. July brings more love and attention than you could want. Enjoy it all. You deserve the adoration, and you deserve to be treated well. Feel your self-esteem soar. Gemini Libra Aquarius The world may suddenly become much more interesting. Get curious and stay that way. Romance shines bright for you this month. A lover may suddenly get affectionate beyond belief. Embrace the attention and make sure that any acts of generosity have no strings attached. This month brings around all your friends and neighbours, or so it seems. If you’re not up for hosting a party, let someone else do it and drop in for a bit. Step into the limelight at work, a career advance or change may appear for you, and you will see the wisdom of it. This month sees love get wild and crazy if you want to entertain a more adventurous relationship. It might be hard to choose among all the invitations that rain down upon you. Enjoy the good feelings. Resolve to eat more wisely and to be good to yourself next month. Cancer Scorpio Pisces Keep life simple and don’t be distracted by interruptions. It’s a busy time and lots of people may be bouncing off the walls. It could be hard to think without getting emotional. You will find the extra skill and power to accomplish something difficult that has been lingering. A money or material concern could arise - it won’t look or sound simple, but it really will be. Don’t let other opinions muddy the waters for you. July opens the door to a bigger role for you in a bigger world, but you may be reluctant to step through and take your place. July shines on your public image and career plans. No matter how unformed an opportunity may be, you can sense what is really going on and relate well to the people involved. Use your intuition and instinct and thrive. Feelings and dreams run deeper and stronger now. 38