Soltalk July 2017 - Page 38

Local News Celebrating 75 years together! Joan and Reg met at the Bury Palais de Danse in 1941. Reg was in the army and had been posted to Bury where Joan had been born and was then working at the Bury Felt Company as a machinist producing webbing for the armed forces. Milan and then spent several years in Austria - in Graz and Leoben - returning to England in 1949, Reg having spent a total of seven years abroad. The following years were spent in the army in various parts of England and three years in Germany. About 11 months later Reg got 14 day’s notice that his regiment, 111th Field Regiment Royal Artillery, were being sent to join the 8th Army fighting in North Africa. On leaving the army Reg worked as a teacher in London and Joan for the Department of Employment. Joan and Reg, then very much in love, had 14 days to decide whether to get married before he went off to war, or wait until, (hopefully) he returned from the war. When it became time to retire in 1983 they decided to move to On June 2, 1942, both 1 KBYX\[ ^H\BX\YY]^YBY\HٙXKH\[YH[Y[YBQ[\H[[YܛKY[™\˂Z\8&ۙ^[[۸&H\œ[]Y\[8&\š\H[ܜ[]B]HX\[Z[XYۈHYH\\˂[HY\Y[š[H\\\\ [[ LHY\ܛ\Q[ܚY\H[\ۚ\[B[\ܛ[ [œI]^YHX\ۛۈ\ HIH\Hو[Bܚ[\H]B[YK]\XYB[[\\H^\\ۈ[]Y][ܛY KY\YX\]^BY[\H\BHوXHY›[YH\]ۈ]قH]H]X[[܈B[۝8&\X]K[›X[HH\[YHHKX]X]Y\[Y HX[ۈ[Z[[Y\K X^HYY[œ]\[[Y\ۈY^JKZ\\\Hݙ\Y\I›[KZH\H[[[][Y\X[HXX [[Y[\\H\YZ]\YܙHYšY]\ܝYXHۛ[Y][B[\YX\YܙH^H[YHXX\YZ[^H]H[Z\\\Y[[\H\H^H]B]Y܈ YX\B[H\[YY\[][H[[X^H NM [\[]YHXHۈH\]\[][X[“\\\HY\][ۙY[Z\YH]\[[BY[ۙܘ][][ۜH[و\][H[\[]B[\\Y\H\XZ\H\ۈ]^H[HB[[[K[Z\ۋY[[܈[[\\™[\XܞH[ܘ\HX[]Hۙ\\HZ[[ NM H\^HܘYX[H[ݙYܝ[^H]Y[\\