Soltalk July 2017 - Page 34

News Drugs arrests Five of six people detained in Antequera on suspicion of selling drugs have been ordered to be held in custody without bail. A Guardia Civil operation which began in January followed the arrival of the suspects in Humilladero, 20 kilometres north of the city, and reports that drugs were being sold. Officers have also closed three points of sale. Vandals detained Three Norwegian tourists, all aged 20, were detained by local police in Málaga last month after being spotted causing over €400 of damage to advertising panels in calle Larios. At least six of the hoardings, which were displaying an exhibition by the Spanish Association against Cancer, were reported to have been attacked intentionally. A fourth suspect fled and is being sought by police. Cocaine crackdown Sixteen people have been detained in Granada and Jaén in a Guardia Civil operation into trafficking cocaine. Investigations began a year ago when police became aware of drugs “mules” bringing in high- quality cocaine which was later adulterated and sold to the public. Drugs, cash, fire arms, ammunition and vehicles were amongst goods confiscated from the suspects. Animal abuse A 54-year-old man found begging in Málaga has been arrested by National Police for maltreating his dog. The Yorkshire Terrier which accompanied him was found to be under-nourished and suffering an open fracture to one paw after it was taken to animal centre by passers- by. The suspect is charged with failing to provide an animal with urgent veterinary care. Fewer unemployed Unemployment in Andalucía fell by 23,100 to 829,000 during May, according to last week’s government figures. The number of workers registered with Social Security in the region rose to around three million. Nationally, almost 112,000 fewer people were registered unemployed compared with the previous month. Extra courts to tackle floor-clause claims From June 1, every province in Spain has a First Instance Court specialising in litigation related to so-called floor clauses. The move comes as the Málaga branch of a bank users’ g \[[YHݚ[x&\[\܂][8'؜X\[\Y[\]Y\'H[H]وYHۙ\][\[Z[HY[˂\[۝8&\[[[Y[HB[[[Z]YHوZ[&\[\[[[وHYXX\HYX[]\H\H M\[[H\˜XܛZ[X[[]\B[[HX]\ˈH[ݙHB[[HH]\X[\و\XB[X[X\]܋X]\\[[ܝYH۝X\H[Y[ [B^\ZYH\Y\[B\ZYHH[وX^KHX[Y8'܈]\\'H[\YBZ[[][H[\\]Hۈ][\]B[ܝY\H][H[Z]ۈ\[ܝYH]\[[[[][ۈH[X\]K\YX[][\[ܝYH^Y\Yٚ][HHHXܙ [[\\]\›وX[YX\ˈ]\H\Y[وH\X][ۈ܈HY[Hقۜ[Y\[\\و[][[[[\[H YXYJB[p[YKܚHX\0[ZY\[۝]H[[\][[H]]YH8'\^HX\K8'BX][\Y\8'^\YYY 'HH]YYH[[X[[]HXYX™ܛH[H\Y܈\X][ۜ[H\ YH[X[[Bܚ][\H[H\X\ۙH[[][YH[™][Y\[YXHY\[\Y\˂܈X\0[ZY][p[YK8'ۛBZ[X\\\H[ܛZ[YXY\Y\˸'H]\\\B\ܝYH\\\[\Y\˜HۙHX\H][Y[X\[ܚ][[XX^HBH[[[[YHH\ZY ܈X\0[Y\\\Y\ܚ›]܈[\[\]X^H\BY []\Yۈ[][]]Z[YXKHۜ[Y\ܛ\PPH[ٙ\YXH[[\ۈXZ[HZ[H]PPKܙ\X\[\K[^[HYܛ\˜Y[\YX\H\\HوHڙXœY\X[\HH[Hو[^Bp[YH[Y[]\\YX\ۙ\Z[H[\YZX^[܂[ۚ[[ܙ[\\ZYH[ݙB[[ٛܛHH]H[[[YK\X\HXY\[YH^BH\\Y[]\[۝وHۂ[ [H[[Z\[[Z[Bp[YK\[\Z\H]H[]H\]p[ؘ]˂HX^[܈ZY]H\Hق\HYYX[]\HHق \[X\]]Hۂ[\\[Hۜ[[]\[\˜\[Y\ܙX]H[\]]\ˈXݚ\[ۋHYY [[YB]Y\X[\][ۋ̂HوHڙX\Y[]] Z[[ۈوXH8 []Y[\YX\&\Y][]\›ۛH[Y][[ܙ[\[YXZXYوۜX[ۂܚ\[[ N Z\Z^Y[[ ][\وZH[˜[\]HY[Z^YHB[ܘ[YK[XHZYBY]܈[XB\\ܚ\ܝ\\HوB[Y]HZ]\[[[X[H܈H[Z\\܂\Z\[ۈ[H[Y\X[\[\ˈܝ\[Z[\˜X\[ZHYH\\B[[ۙۙ\]Y