Soltalk July 2017 - Page 27

Jottings face the charges against them on May 31, Steven was awarded £500 compensation plus £405 in costs in the light of the “unreasonable behaviour” of the claimant. Council capers Norwich City Council have been branded as “dictators” after ordering the removal of a children’s trampoline from a shared garden in Lakenham because it is regarded as a “trip hazard.” Also axed were a coffee mug used as an ash tray, garden gnomes, and children’s toys. One resident, who was runner-up in the council's Good Neighbour awards last year, has even been told to take down a wooden shed in her garden. In a letter to residents, the Council said their private garden was now a “communal area.” Residents said they had developed the garden themselves from a site full of rubble and bricks over 17 years and are asking, if it is communal land, why the Council have not been maintaining it throughout that time. Meanwhile, residents of Tennyson Road in Bath are at war with their local council which has foisted unsightly wheelie bins on them. The locals are justifiably proud of the appearance of their street and say a bin in every garden will “wreck” the appearance of the area. They said all they asked for was rubbish bags which are “seagull proof” but the request fell on deaf ears, and the wheelie bins for non- recyclable waste are set to be issued later this year without any consultation. And talking of seagulls, which we were ... a four-week old kitten which was snatched by a seagull at a holiday park in Rhly is recovering after being dropped by the bird. She was taken to the RSPCA animal centre at Colwyn Bay where staffed named her Sky. Awwwww ... You couldn’t make it up An elderly man who struggles with his hearing has reportedly been fined after continuously terrorising his neighbours with loud porn. The man, identified only as a man over 75, allegedly made his neighbours’ lives hell by watching porn films with the volume turned all the way up at his home in Hennef, Germany. His neighbours, a couple in their mid- sixties, said they had been so put off by the sexual noises from next door, they could no longer watch their favourite series in the afternoon. They had already reached a settlement with the man in November 2015 at a district court in Bonn, but when the sex noises started again his neighbour dragged him back to court. At one point during the trial, when referring to the noise on a particular day, the defendant consulted his diary and found he had had a prostitute visit him on that date. He then uttered the immortal words, “It was not porn – it was live!” In May, a British tribunal dealing with a case of student cheating rejected the appeal of a law student who was caught taking an in-class exam with her textbook open, which was apparently permitted. What was not permitted, however, were the hand-written notes in the