Soltalk July 2017 - Page 26

Jottings News from the UK and around the World . . . the wild, the wacky, the wonderful, the weird and the downright infuriating First, the bad news ... While the world continued to condemn last month’s terror attack on London Bridge, some jobsworths at Transport for London (TfL) showed remarkable insensitivity when the police cordons were eventually lifted. Dozens of motorists had to abandon their cars parked within the cordon on the night of the incident until three days later when police sent an email to the drivers advising them they could collect their vehicles from 8.00 am. According to witnesses, traffic wardens were seen on the streets at 8.05am slapping tickets on the vehicles. TfL has since apologised for an “insensitive mistake,” and said that all fines would be cancelled. It added that no vehicles which were trapped within the police cordon would be ticketed. Pity they didn’t tell the wardens first ... ... then the good news But we are pleased to report a good news story about a parking ticket. It concerns 46-year-old Steven Beswick who received a letter in May 2016 from Civil Enforcement Ltd (CEL) informing him he owed £100 for supposedly overstaying at Halls Mill Retail Park in Bury. The communication was headed “Notice to Keeper” and referred to an incident 32 days earlier. He claimed that CEL had no proof he was the driver of the vehicle, and discovered that any fine has to be advised within 14 days of an alleged offence, whereas CEL had taken 24 more than 30 days to contact him. Despite a 12 month campaign of intimidation by bailiffs and solicitors, as well as being threatened with being taken to court, he stood his ground. After receiving a letter stating CEL would be taking him to court, Steven decided to continue to deny all fault and, in addition, launched a counter-claim against CEL for the stress and for breaching data protection legislation by passing on his details to bailiffs. However, days before the court date, CEL wrote to say they would no longer be pursuing their claim, but Steven decided to continue with his counter- claim. When CEL failed to turn up in court to