Soltalk July 2017 - Page 24

News Blue flag Marina del Este (pictured) in Almuñécar has been awarded a Blue Flag by the European Foundation for Environmental Education. The flags are awarded only after an extensive analysis of a port’s conditions of security, environmental quality, sustainable management, user services, social integration and informative work. The marina, on the Punta de Mona headland, has moorings for over 200 vessels. Too close A 52-year-old woman was taken to Vélez-Málaga Hospital suffering bruising last month after falling from her bicycle in Torre del Mar’s calle Pintor Cipriano Maldonado. She told police that a lorry had passed extremely close, causing turbulence which had destabilised her. The vehicle was stopped later in Almayate and the driver, who tested negative for alcohol, claimed he had been unaware of the accident. Honest gardener A municipal employee in Almuñécar has been praised for handing in a wallet containing €950 which he found in the town’s El Majuelo park. Víctor Leche Poveda has worked there as a gardener for 14 years and says he has often found mobile phones and cameras lost by visitors. The town hall has offered him its official congratulations for his behaviour. Budget passed Despite opposition from PP and IU councillors, Vélez Town Council has approved the municipal budget for 2017. The total of €102 million proposed by the controlling coalition includes €13 million in investments which the town hall can now begin to put out to tender. Social spending has been increased by 6.4% to €700,000 while half a million has been ring- fenced for new jobs. Rincón cave paintings vandalised Cave paintings from the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages have been vandalised in Rincón de la Victoria. The damage came to light last month when staff at the Cueva del Tesoro who were accompanying a television crew found an area with tables, chairs and mattresses as well as beer bottles and cans of paint. The complex between Rincón and La Cala is one of only three marine formed caves which have been discovered in the world and the only one of its kind in E ɽ%Ё́)ѡЁхձȁɅ)ѽɥɭ́Տ)IͻéȁɅ͍Mͅ)ѡمʹ͍ٕɕ)ɕձЁ́ݡ́)ѼѡՉ́ݕ́ɅѤ)͡յ́ٔ)͕Ѽٔ́ѕ́ѡ)ٔ݅́ݡݥЁٕ)ձЁѼɕѽɔѡٔ)ѥ̸!ͅѡՅɑ ٥ɔ)͕ɍȁѡ͔ɕͥ)ѡЁѡ ձɔѵЁЁѡ))չфՏɵ)Qȁ݅́ͼɥѥѡ+qͱtѥՑѼ͕ɥ䁅Ёѡͥє)ݡͅѡѽݸ)ɕѕ䁑չٕȁѡЁݼ)啅̸!ѡЁѡ)ɍAɬݡѡٕ)ɔѕ͕́ɥ䁅)ٕ́qɅ)ѥt)Qչѥݡ)9ɩéٕ́)ɕ䁅ͥхЁձѼѡ) ՕټQͽɼ%́ɕͥЁ5Օ) ɥ́ͅѡȁ͕مѥ)ѕѕݽձمѼ))7́)͕ɥ)7Ё́)ѥЁ͕́ɥ)Ёȁѥ͕)ݡ́ɕ͕ٕ፱ٕͥ䁙)́ݥѠ́չ)ɕQٔ́ѡ݅)ݡЁ́Ѽ)Ʌٕϊdɽɕ́ѡɽ՝ѡ́ɕ)QӊéЁ́ͅѡ)Ս́ѕхɔѥ)ѡѡȁ͕́Ѽ́ѡɽ՝)ѡ̰ݡѡ͔ݥѠɅ)ɕեɔѡ͔ɝȁ`)Ʌ䁵%Ё́ͅѡѥѥٔݥ)ͼЁѡȁձЁ͕́ݡ)ݥȁ啐ѡ)Q͕ɥ䁅ɕЁѡЁ)ɕ͕ѱ䁉ɕɹ͕)͕́ѼͽɈѡɕͥ)յȁ͕́ͥѡɽ՝)иQɕ܁ѥ́ݥ)ɽՍݥѠݼ`Ʌ)́хѕѽȰ)ɕͥѡѽхյȁՍ)٥́ѡɕ䁵ɔѡ)ѡɐѡȁͥѥ̰()ݥѠѡͅեаݥ)مѕɵPȸ)QЁ́ͼѼٔ и)ٕȁ́ȁɭ̸)ݕ́ɕəɕ)յѥ́ɽ٥ͥ)ɔ́ѼمѼ)ȁɕх̸]ɬѡ͔)ɕ́́ѕѼхЁЁ啅ȁ)ѼЀ́ѡ̸)5ɼ)Ѓqɕt)́չ5ɥéɼ)ѕ䁥́չ)ѕ%Ё́ɕѕЁݡ͔)مѡɥ)͕́ݡͥѥݸ%)܁ѕɥ́ɔ)ݥѠ啐́ݥѠɕ`)ٔѡ)ͅqIЁѡѡ̻t)5ɔ́)