Soltalk July 2017 - Page 22

News Nerja death A Nerja motorcyclist died last month in an accident on the eastbound A-7 autovía outside the town. He suffered a severe head injury and massive blood loss and died at the scene, despite attempts of passers-by and the emergency services to revive him. He is reported to have fallen from his bike and been struck by a following vehicle unable to avoid him. Cyclist dies A 69-year-old cyclist died in a road accident in Alicante last month. The local man was killed on the N-332 at Villajoyosa in a head-on collision with a car whose driver tested negative for alcohol and drugs. He was the 21st bicycle rider to die on Spain’s roads so far this year. Officers injured A Guardia Civil officer was hospitalised and four others were injured by a vehicle which failed to stop at a checkpoint in Jaén last month. After scattering the men on the A-4 at Bailén, the driver collided with a parked private car and two patrol cars before fleeing. When finally stopped, officers found 13.5 kilos of hashish hidden in the vehicle. Gang warfare A clash between Italian mafia gangs is reported to be behind the death of a man in Murcia last month. He was shot dead at close range, reportedly by four masked men, in the coastal town of Águilas. The victim is said to have been one of the leaders of a clan responsible for six killings in a German pizzeria in 2007. Summer security At least twice the number of additional security agents will be on duty at Spain’s holiday hotspots this summer. The government said that over 2,600 extra officers will provide cover during July and August. In addition, a new version of Alertcops, a mobile phone app which connects directly to the security forces, will be available to the public for reporting suspicious activity. Tiger released An ETA prisoner sentenced to 2,000 years in jail was released last month after serving 23 years behind bars. Idoia López Riaño, nicknamed The Tiger, was found guilty of 23 violent attacks including a 1986 incident in Madrid in which 12 Guardia Civil officers died. She was detained in France in 1994 and extradited to Spain in 2001. Hotels fight back on fake holiday claims The Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Apartments (CEHAT) has told British tour operators that their patience is coming to an end with holiday-makers who make false insurance claims after returning home. Representatives from major tourist areas have been explaining their situation to members of the Association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators British (ABTA) at a meeting in Madrid. CEHAT’s general secretary Ramón Estalella said that the sector is taking a series of measures to protect its interests, including pursuing all fraudsters through the Spanish legal system. He said that, “a group organised with the intention of committing a crime” is a concept recognised in the country’s Penal Code and could be applied in criminal proceedings. A successful prosecution could result in a jail term of between six months to three years as well as a heavy fine. CEHAT is to monitor closely all new contractual clauses which modify the economic responsibility of the hotel and which could threaten the “good faith” ethos of the agreement. New protocols will be introduced for handling complaints and will limit the liability of an hotel only to claims which are backed-up by medical proof and which are processed according to a specific procedure. Spanish hoteliers have made it clear that they cannot wait for the UK to put legal reforms in place. They say the number of false claims already received is “worrisome” and hotels are fearing what this summer could bring. CEHAT says that in 2016 false claims of food poisoning rose by 700 per cent and cost hotels over €60 million in compensation payouts. The clear message to ABTA was that Spanish hotels want a solution, and want it now. However, a fight back has started. A British couple are reported to be in danger of losing their home after lodging a £10,000 (€11,400) claim against a Greek hotel whose owners have counter-sued them for £170,000 (€194,200) for damaging its reputation. Atlantica Hotel Management Ltd claims the couple did not report any illness during their one-week stay in October 2013, and failed to make their bid for compensation until three years later. The couple tried to drop their claim in February but were told they still faced legal costs. Periana fire station closed The mayor of Periana has demanded the immediate re-opening of the fire st ][ۈ[\ۋ[H]\[\ܘ\[HYX]\HوHXق]Z[XHZX\H\X[H\X\Y[Hۈ\KYY\Z[™H[^Sp[YHX\H\^Bو]X\ Z[]\˂X^[܈YY[ܜXXHوHB[Y]]HX[]H\Y܈H[YH[ M܈H[YHX\ۋ'H\XH[HY[XY 8'BHYY HZY\X[Hۈ[[[\Hݚ[XX[\Hۜܝ][Hœ[[H[][ۈYܙHB[[Y\\\[^Y[B[[ZX\H[\]KH\Z[\ܝYHHݚ[X[\]HوHKܚ\0ؘ[\[^[YYH\Y”[\X۝Hۜܝ][K'H[[Y܈ZXBܝY\HYH[™X[]Y\8'HHZY Hۜܝ][H\]Y]B\X[H\H][ۈ[K[[ۘBۙHو][XYYX\\Z\Y