Soltalk July 2017 - Page 20

News Briton detained A 46-year-old British man detained on Ibiza last month is wanted in connection with the death of a woman in Thailand. Shane Looker from Stoke-on-Trent is suspected of murdering dancer Laxami Manochat in 2014 after CCTV caught him with her as they left a bar in Bangkok’s red light district on the night she disappeared. Her dismembered body was later found in a suitcase. Walkers found Two Swiss tourists, missing for a week in the Picos de Europa (pictured above), have been found dead by hill walkers. The man and woman, aged 61 and 46 respectively, had apparently fallen to their deaths from a height of 130 metres. A taxi driver who took them to the area told police they had not been dressed for mountaineering. Hate attack Three men in their 20s and a minor of 17, arrested in Madrid last month, have been identified as belonging to an ultra left- wing group. They were detained by National Police on suspicion of having launched a brutal hate attack on an 18- year-old man who was wearing a shirt depicting the Spanish flag. The victim required hospital treatment for injuries to his nose. Tax warning The head of Spain’s Tax Agency says it will soon “explode” because staff are working at the limits of capacity. José Luis Groba accused the government of “irresponsibility” in financing the Agencia Tributaria, claiming that “hidden clauses” in the Budget reduce the funds allocated to it. He adds the Agency has 3,000 fewer staff than in 2009 with 700 more retiring during this year. Beach find An unexploded artefact was found by municipal workers cleaning La Herradura beach last month. The aluminium container bore a warning not to handle the device because it contained phosphorus and the specialist Tedax unit was called in to carry out a controlled explosion. Reports suggest that the object had originated with the US Navy. Auditors give verdict on Vélez tranvía The Court of Auditors has finally reported on their investigation into the control, development, maintenance and management of the tranvía system between Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar. The move comes two months after an initial report following which all parties were invited to submit relevant arguments. However, the report published last month repeats the Court’s criticism of practices surrounding the public transport service before it was moth-balled five years ago. The tramway was inaugurated in October 2006 and suspended during 2012 in the face of spiralling debt. The present administration at Vélez-Málaga Town Hall has repeatedly cited the reopening of the service as one of its priorities. Among the Court of Auditors’ conclusions was that planning for the tranvía project was “insufficient” because it was not compared with alternative transport systems and the impact on public finances. It adds that neither the regional government nor the town hall took enough account of the fact that the system was to be built specifically in Vélez-Málaga, rather than in any other location. The report also criticises the “questionable action” of the Transport Ministry in sub-contracting its responsibilities to two subsidiaries whose practices, it claims, were “not in compliance” with the principles of equality, objectivity, transparency and economy in the management of public funds, resulting in violations of the rules of contracts. It also says that det ́ѡЁɅа)͕ѡѽݸ԰ݕɔ)qѼѡЁѡ)ѕɥ今t)%́ɕѥ̰ѡ Ё)Ցѽ́́ͅѡЁɔͥ)Ёqչɥɽ)͕ͥ́ɕѥ)ݡمɥ͍́ͥɥ́ɔ)ᅵtQɕЁՑ́ѡ)͕٥х䁅ѡ)Ʌѥ䁽ɔݡ)Ʌѕ́Ё͕͕ݥѠ)ѡȁЁՉ̸)9ɩɔ٥ѥ)Ե啅ȵݽ݅́хѼ)хՙɥɽЁ)͕ɕɹ́ѕȁɔɽ)Ёх݅䁙ѱЁ9ɩ)ЁѠQɝ͕٥)ݕɔѕ͡ѱ䁉ɔȸѼ)ѡ锁Ёѡͥ́)Aх)Qɔ́չѽѼٔхѕ)ݡ́ݡѱ)她ɽѥ͕ɥȁɽѥ)́݅́Q)ɕѡɽ՝Ёѡɽչ)ȁɕ͕̰ɽՍՑ́()ѡ͵1Ս䰁ѡȁ)ѱѽɕѡɕ͕́)ѡՍɔѡե)չѽѼٔչѕ)QɕݽٕѼѡ)ݹȁѡ̰ͥ݅́хѼ)[7!хȁɕѵЁѼ)ɹ́ѼѡѽͼM݅)ѕȁɅ͙ɕѼѡI)!х7ݡɔ݅͡)ѕѼѡ ɹ́Uи)!ȁѥ͍݅́ɥ͕́ɥ̰)ЁЁѡɕѕ