Soltalk July 2017 - Page 18

News Repair complete Repairs to a leaking sewage pipe off Nerja’s Chucho and Playazo beaches have been completed. The Town Hall has spent €100,000 on replacing 100 metres of the pipe which was laid 200 metres offshore in the 1970s. The break has been attributed to severe sea conditions and the action of fishing boats using drag nets. Two detained for promoting fake compensation claims Car invades A 39-year-old man who drove his car through pedestrianised areas and into calle Larios in the centre of Málaga last month is reported to have mental problems. No- one was injured and the driver, who tested negative for alcohol and drugs, was taken to the Hospital Civil. He told police that he had not taken his prescribed medication for two weeks. Caravan fire A 70-year-old man was taken to Vélez- Málaga Hospital suffering from smoke inhalation last month after a fire broke out in his caravan. The vehicle was parked close to the Chillar river in Nerja when the alarm was raised at 4.45am. The blaze in the van, found close to the city’s multi- purpose sports stadium, did not affect any other property. Drugs haul Two people managed to escape from police who caught them red-handed unloading drugs from a boat on a beach in Nerja last month. The suspects abandoned 19 bales of hashish weighing a total of 600 kilos after landing their pneumatic craft in Maro. The operation to trace those responsible continues. Nerja drill A fire in an undeveloped area of Nerja last month prompted a Level 1 emergency in the town as it threatened the large Capistrano urbanisation. Luckily, it was only an exercise to test readiness for such an event in a populated area. More than 100 troops took part in the drill under the Infoca emergency plan. Fire alert Lanjarón was on alert last month after columns of smoke were seen coming from the water bottling plant four kilometres outside the town which employs a large number of local people. However, the fire had broken out in a large pile of rubbish and debris nearby and did not affect any of the factory installations. No-one was injured and the Guardia Civil opened an investigation. Two Britons have been detained on Mallorca for allegedly trying to persuade tourists to make false compensation claims against their hotels. One was arrested after being questioned while the other was released, but both have been charged with fraud and illegal association. The development is the first time that the Spanish authorities are reported to have taken such action against a practice which has been increasing in recent years and cost the sector over €60 Z[[ۈ[^[]\[ MX\XH][ٙX\H[H™]Z[YHY[\[۝]HY[[\Y][H؛[H܈]\[[۝[[[H]Z[YHZ\[H\ܝو[Y0XKH\X\B[YY]HY[۝X[]\Y^K[XZ\\^HYZ\[š[HܝوH\[ X[\\H[][\\\BXZHH[H\ܝ Z[Z[]^HY^\Y[Y \\ۚ[™HH^H\H\Y ]HZ\HوHY\[][ۂ^[] ^H\H\YXܘ\وݙ\Y[X\[\8']Y[K8'H[Z[H܂\XXH[X[ X[BX]Y[ˈۘHX[HRB\\[H۝XYHHY[\HXYH\\HZ\\[][ۈZ[H[]\܂Z[H\[YHوH^[] XH^H^H\H[\Y][]\H[H]Z[Y\BX[[ۙH܈\H\و[ܙ[\YYܝHY[\\؝Z[Z[[ۜ˜HX\[ۋ\\][[ۜۂX[ܘH]HY[[Y] \x&\[Y[[\[HܛY\X^[܂HܛY\X^[܈و\H\Y[X\Yو]]ܚ\[H\HوBܛY\]X\H\X\\ H]BوH[\H^]][ۜۈB[وH[HHZY[\Y\Œ͋ ]X\HY]\][B]\[\وHZYK[ZZ\B[[[XK[\\[H[\[\Y][ۋ\[۝ HY[ۘ[]\\TX\YY\و[ٙXX[ۈ[[X\X\œ]H[\\ZZ\x&\”\Y[\X^[܈]Y[ NNMB[ MK]]ܚ\Y\HوB[\H]X\H]H\H[\܂Z[[X]\X[\K]Y[H MNNN H[\Y\H[BX^[ܸ&\Yۘ]\KY]X[YX\[B]Y\[ۈوH[\8&\Y[]H\ŒM]Y\[ۙY ܈\ZZ[^\[YY[H\YY[\]Y\ˈ[ܙHX[KB\Z[YY]HY[ۘ[ݙ\Y[\[YH܈H]HZ[X\Y[\ܙY H[\\\YH NNMH[[]\Y[ M[\HYB^[Hو XXY]\ق\HX]\X[X[ZH[\[X]Y8 L Z[[ۈ\ܙH]›ܚY[[]KH[\Y][ۋZ[›Y[HHH[\ۛY[[X]܈[H[\ۛY[[\BوHX\XH][ \ۘK\™\[X]Y]]Y[[8 BZ[[ۈ\[Z]YH[Y[[[۝Y[\[]H]KHܜ\\[XYHܙ\YB\]و]X\ \[\ۙ\[[]XX[\[\[ B[X\Y