Soltalk July 2017 - Page 14

News Another fraud Yet another fake advertising campaign has been detected on WhatsApp. The National Cybersecurity Institute has warned that it leads to a falsified website which appears to be a survey by Mercadona, but the small print warns that a monthly fee of €6.50 is payable by respondents. The fraudsters also invite users to add names and numbers of friends to pull in more victims. Clubs curbed Night clubs in the Basque Country are to be stopped from giving free admission to women or charging men a higher entrance fee. A new regulation will mean leisure establishments can no longer discriminate on the grounds of sex, origin or religion. Night clubs “bouncers” in the region will be obliged to gain an official certificate by passing theory and practical tests. Lynx killed Site for Nerja health centre is “suitable” The latest site suggested by Nerja for its new health centre has been described as “suitable” by the regional government. The area, previously considered and rejected by Nerja’s Partido Popular (PP) administration of the time in 2008 and 2009, was visited by a delegation from the Junta de Andalucía in February. The area is on avenida Pescia at the eastern end of the town. The undeveloped site is immediately adjacent to the heliport by the roundabout on the N-340 which gives access to Burriana beach. Until recently, it had been assumed that the new facility would be built on a site on the east bank of the Chillar river near the town centre. In 2010, Nerja Town Hall under the PP ceded the riverside site to the Junta de Andalucía and spent €500,000 on preparing the land for construction. Since then, however, it has remained undeveloped and is presently being used as a large, informal parking area. The seventh Iberian lynx to die on Spanish roads this year has been killed in Ciudad Real. The big cat was found on the CR-5042 last month. The species is officially endangered with populations having declined dramatically in line with its almost exclusive food, rabbit, as well as over-hunting. Hotter summer AEMET says temperatures this summer will follow the above-average pattern set in May and could be 50% hotter than usual on the mainland and in the Balearics. Based on records between 1981 and 2010, the State Meteorological Agency also says temperatures in the Canaries will be 45% higher than usual. Rainfall will be scarce, as usual, with only sudden downpours during thunderstorms. See Smalltalk on page 23 pic: Dave Jamieson Possible new site for health centre Nerja’s present mayor, Rosa Arrabal of the PSOE says the site is prone to flooding, and has claimed that compensation for expropriation of the land has not been paid. The new location under consideration is the fourth possible site suggested in around 14 years. During that time, Nerja’s existing health centre has continued to struggle with serving a resident population of 22,000, rising to 90,000 at the peak of the holiday season. Vélez bullfight protest Anti-bullfighting groups protesting in Vélez-Málaga last month have been highly critical of the actions of police to keep them away from a temporary bull-ring erected on the town’s fairground. The town hall has been heavily criticised for permitting the event to go ahead with thousands of signatures gathered on a petition condemning it. Dozens of members of various animal rights groups gathered ahead of the official start time but, because their demonstration had been officially approved, were obliged to follow the directions of local police officers. The protestors were restricted to an area well away from the entrance which police said was 300 metres distant, but demonstrators claimed was much more and, as a result, made their action “worth nothing.” 12 In addition, they claim that National Police officers present advised them to stay away and hide any anti- bullfighting placards “for their own safety.” Nevertheless, a small group of around a dozen managed to remain at the entrance to the bullring displaying slogans including “Torture is not culture” and “Bullfighting a national disgrace,” as well as greeting the arrival of Vélez mayor, Antonio Moreno, with jeers and boos. Bull escape A bull en route to a fiesta in Albacete escaped from its transporting lorry last month in Elche de la Sierra. There was widespread panic as the animal roamed around the streets until he was brought down with a dart from a tranquiliser gun. The town hall said no-one was hurt and no damage was done.