Soltalk July 2017 - Page 13

News Summer sea cleaning underway Fourteen boats started sea-cleaning operations along the east coast of the province of Málaga late last month. The operation, financed by the Mancomunidad, the association of municipalities, is aimed at keeping the first few metres of water free of rubbish for bathers. The 46 kilometre coastline has recently seen dozens of coloured buoys put in place to give clear indications of areas reserved for bathing, with other channels available only to craft, enabling them to land or access boatyards. The cleaning boats will now keep the waters clear every weekday, including holidays, between Rincón de la Victoria and Nerja. Operations will commence at 11.00am and continue until 8.00pm, except in the easternmost communities of Nerja and Torrox where they will Airport death A 51-year-old man died at Ibiza airport last month after flying in from Manchester. His death is being attributed to natural causes with his family and the Guardia Civil denying press reports that he fell and hit his head while trying to queue-jump at passport control. A doctor who had been on same flight tried to revive him but was unsuccessful. Arrested again pic: Dave Jamieson One of the boats operating off Benajarafe last summer conclude at 7.00pm. The service will continue until mid-September. The €380,600 contract for the operation was won by Servimar which also operates a 24-hour call-out service for emergencies. A convicted rapist, jailed for 273 years in 1995 but freed in 2013 following a European human rights ruling, was arrested in Segovia last week. Pedro Luis Gallego, nicknamed the “elevator rapist” after he forced his victims into lifts, is accused of four new of sex assaults in Madrid. Police have criticised legislation which prevented them from keeping track of him after his release. More protection for Torrox beach Prostitute sparks domestic violence case Local police in Málaga have arrested a 73-year-old man suspected of domestic violence against his 63-year-old wife after she told him off for bringing a prostitute to their home. Officers responded to a call for help from the woman who claimed later she had been kicked and punched, had a plastic bag placed over her head and threatened with an iron bar. She said her husband had come home in the company of a prostitute in her 30s and when she chided him for his action, a heated argument had started at which time the unwelcome visitor departed. The husband than became “increasingly aggressive,” she continued, knocking her to the ground where she was punched twice in the face before the bag was placed over her head. Officers took the woman to hospital for a check-up where inflammation and lesions were noted in several areas. The husband was detained, but after a medical examination diagnosed encephalopathy, which can negate intellectual and volitional capacity, he was ordered to be held an appropriate facility. His wife confirmed that he had undergone behavioural changes in the last three months but said she had not reported his aggressive behaviour through fear of reprisals. The prosecutor is regarding the incident as a violent attack and, before the man’s diagnosis, called for a one year jail term. However, he also wants a restraining order imposed on the husband for a period of three years during which the suspect can neither communicate with his wife by any means, nor carry a weapon. The case will come to court in January. Dog rescues More than 100 dogs suffering from various ailments have been rescued from a 100 square metre pen in Rincón de a Victoria. The move by police followed a court order against the owner of the land who claims she has been operating an animal shelter but was denounced by a neighbour. The animals have been moved to a park run by the company Don Animal. 11 pic: Dave Jamieson Torrox breakwater Torrox is to get a second breakwater to protect Ferrara beach from sand loss in bad weather. The first, close to the lighthouse, was built last year at a cost of €307,000 and has been partially successful, but sand was still washed away during the winter along a 300 metre stretch at the western end of the town. The Environment Ministry has now agreed to build a second semi- submerged structure in this area to deflect destructive waves away from the coast. Torrox’ mayor Óscar Medina sai d last month that the first 115 metre breakwater had not been enough to totally offset the sea’s erosive effects, but added he was confident that the new project would be a “definitive solution” for Ferrara beach and the municipality’s coastline.