Soltalk July 2017 - Page 10

Welcome to the July edition of SolTalk, are you all enjoying the heat? I thought it was hot in Nerja but just popped over to the UK and arrived on the hottest June day since 1976 (before my time! not). Thankfully though the cool weather has returned to a very comfortable 22 degrees, although I now have a cold courtesy of Monarch Airline’s sneezing passenger in 5D I suspect, so my temperature is fluctuating wildly! on the Costa del Sol/Tropical east of Málaga. They are also a consumer group. They ask local businesses to give a 5% discount on their goods or services to Give Me Five! members. There is no fee for advertising as a Business Partner. Memberships cost 50€ and last six months. In the Summer Booklet you’ll find information about six local animal rescue charities told in their own words. They are: Axarquía Animal Rescue (AAR), APARiV, APA Estación Esperanza. Costa Animal Society (CAS), Galgo Freedom and Tail in Torrox. You’ll also find information and advertisements of the businesses who partner with Give Me Five! by giving members a 5% discount. What terrible news we keep hearing from the UK. Three terrorist attacks, the tragic and totally preventable fire at Grenfell Tower, not to mention an election which managed to put Brexit into a worse position than it was already. At least we have now heard Mrs May offer a deal on EU residents in the UK as long as the UK residents of Europe receive the same, much anticipated news for many reading this I suspect. For more information about becoming a member or a Business Partner of Give Me Five! feel free to ring Scott Houston on 603 416 632, e-mail, or find them on Facebook: /givemefiveanimalcharityspain. And now apologies for a comment I made last month about the q ZY]XX܈[X[ H^XH^X^ˈH\Y[HY]HHY[\\X\[ܙH\[HBܛ[[H؝[\H[]\H\[B]H]\Xۈ]XX[H]و]ZY]HH^XšX\HX[H\H\\[Y]^H[[]\۸&]]ZY] [\Y&][Z\YHܙX]][HܜHܜHܜKY[H\HۈY^H[[[YH[][]H\H\HYHX[\YX\HZY[Z\X]\HۈYH X[HوHY\[ۜ\H][Z[]Z]H\XY[HZ[\H[\[H[]Hو[][HX\\Z[ܞHX]H]\\H]H\H[\K[\[X]YHYX\وX\XYK\ۙܘ][][ۜ[[YZ\ܞH\ۈYH ͋YH\Z[]H]\[YH[H\ۈ HBX[Z[8']HYH]HH[[X[\]KH]HYH]HB[[Y\]\]Z[XKY[H\H[Z[X\]]HYH]HH\H\H^\و[\[[HڙX \K^H\H[[[X[\]H]Z\\[ۙ^HYH[HوY[X\\[ \Z\[][[ۘ][ۜ˂\H[\H[\X]Y[[X[\YHܛ\\Y[[[H[HX[H[H]HY\[HY]܈[XZ[Y\]\[Y[ۈ\8']'K\HY[[ۙY\[۝]\YHۙH[\H[BH][ܙH[\[HZ[[۝ˈ[HBTRTŽ