Soltalk January 2018 - Page 8

Happy New Year to you all and welcome to the January edition of Soltalk, we hope you had a fantastic Christmas, now we just have Three Kings Day to look forward to before we are all eagerly awaiting Easter... is said to have good luck for the year, unless they break their teeth on it I imagine - anyway be careful! The Three Kings will make an appearance on the Balcón de Europa of course, and children will line up to see them. They do not arrive alone though and will be part of a colourful procession that will be well worth watching. If you feel adventurous you could go into Málaga for an even bigger procession, but of course there will also be even bigger crowds! In case you are new to Spain, Three Kings Day, which falls on January 6 every year, is to Spanish children what Christmas Day is to British ones. Ie the Kings are the ones that bring the presents, even though confusingly they also have Papa Noel throwing sweets at them just before Christmas! Nothing like getting the best of both worlds. Some good news through just now from Nerja Town Hall, it looks like after a very long wait, our new Fire Station will be opening this month! That will be something to write about! Much like children from elsewhere in the world waiting for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve night, in Spain on the night of January 5, children leave their shoes by the door with hopes that the three kings will leave them gifts in their shoes when they wake the following morning. This issue of Soltalk is packed with local and Spanish news, a round up of the years best Jottings from the UK and beyond, ideas for things to do, book news, sporting news, information from local clubs and associations, health news and our regular Spanish lesson which this month features Revision - that reminds me of the end of term! The day is also celebrated by eating the ‘ring cake of the kings’ - or ‘roscon de los reyes’. It’s decorated to look like a king’s crown and is often topped with glazed fruits, to look like the jewels. Baked inside it is a toy, often a figurine of baby Jesus. The person who finds it Unfortunately we weren’t able to bring you the emergency Chemist rota this month as it was unavailable at the time of going to print. As soon as we do have it we will put it on our Facebook page which we use for last minute news updates as well. Have you liked us on Facebook yet? We would be very grateful, it would be fantastic to get up to 1000 likes by the end of this month. Thank you and enjoy! SARAH BROOKES 6