Soltalk January 2018 - Page 58

a week at La Raqueta Tennis and Bowls starts. spend time with someone, provide lifts, Club, located opposite the Nerja Club January 24 - Camera Club. do practical things around the house. If Hotel (N340) and between Supersol and January 25 - Burns Night. See page 32 for you would like to join please contact Liz the entrance to Capistrano Village. Club more details. on days Monday, Wednesday and Friday January 29 - ‘Picasso’ presentation in the 951 242 449 or mobile 692 419 548. 11am start. Prospective members Club by Carmen. welcome. Tel: 95 252 2225 Website: January 31 - Gibraltar trip. See page 32 for GINS - GOLF INTERNATIONAL NERJA SOCIETY more details. Founded in 1988 the Society has over 300 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL CLUB NERJA Open: Tues, Thurs & Sat 11.00 - 14.00 and members and plays competitions every some Thurs eves. B [H LK HYZ][ܙ]K]Y\H[HX[X\[H[]pYX\ LˌMK]\H[ۙ^H\X[Y\[ܚ\[[۝H]ܘ[YKY\•ܜ]H[[X\Z\[H ˌK[X[ \K[\H[YK܈[ܙH[΂[܈[\\]Y\ˈ]\HYX\HMH L N N\[[[\ˈ˙[K[ M H M܂YۚYX[ۘ][ۈ\][H[XXΈY\K[XZ[[XZ[Y[X\\[K[\ܙ[\][ۋ\H^Hو^Z[X[\X[ۘ[[\P]˘HVUSKԔHSPT'[[x'H\[KHXԐVSPHT^][HX[Y[X[[KܜH[[۝H][\H\[[HZH[[[[HZHX\]K[][ x'Rx'K \[\pXB[\][[[ܛX[ٙYH[H\[][][\X[0YK[YXH\HHHpXJKܜBYY][ˈ][][\ܚZ\XYHY[X\وH[ ۙH[X\[ ML M X˛^ B[\8'Y]\۸&][H۸&]]8'K܈\X\Y\ܘ[ܘ^[XH[\][Kܙ›[ܙH[[XZ[\XXXZ˘HHXY\\و]\X[]KܙX] [X\H][›܈˘[Y\X[[\][ۘ[XHY[H][\K[][ۘ[]Y\[X\H H[ܘ[H8'[[SRPԕSH\\\K\ܛX[\[\x'H[ [\ܛ\ Hܛ\[\H[H]HX\ܜHۘ\X[][XH\[[YY]ۈH\[ۙ^\وB[[H[[HX[ܛ\و]ˈZX\[\^\ Mˌ8$̌ [[۝܈ٙYK[\]X\ق[\YY][YZH\ܛH]\XH\H[\HۈHXZ[M̌ HY[\\ ]ˈ[YH \BHH[Z\[H]\XوH]p]Y[H[YK[HوYH\[[X\HH Hܘ\Hܛ\ [\\KH[YH[H[]]KYH[ۙHZX\[[H8'8'H8'ܙX]8'KYB\ˈ]X\܈Xؚ][ H\X\\[XYHY[x&YZH[\H[X\H\وܘ\H]؂[[[HY[H][\K]܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ[ H LH[ܘ\KH[[[ܛX[Y\Y[[YZˈ܈[ܙH[[\ ͎H LLH L[\ ܛ\[[H][ܙHH[\ۙH N H L܈[XZ[HSSPSQUH HT[Y\Kˈ K[ZXܝ[NXZ[ H[] \YX\T[\YH[X\H MH8$\\XX][ۋ L [KTTUSSPSPSӈQUH[ZYHX\Y X[ۙY܈[X\H M H]Z^Y]H[K\X][ۈ܈HX[ۈو[[X[Y[\[[X[[\KX\ˈ܈X[H\]Y[[][\][[ۈHHXܚXK[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ[H[[[\H\[]Z^HYX\Y][[˜[\[ML LM H܈ۈML LM HT\]HۈX[Y\\\[H[ˈ\˘\\]Z[XZ[ H H M L ܈\]\X]H]]Z[XH[\H[HH^H܈BQSHTHUSHԓT\ۙ\KX˘K[[X[HHX]8 ]H[K^\ۈ[ۙ^H[\^H[ܛ[HSSPTUS H܈ K L [JH]ܜ\ˈ܈\\[[L  H H H[Y\\Hۈ]H[X\H N H HYZو^Y\܂[Y[[XHۈMLH ̌H MK\[[H]\HYZ^H][[\X[[]K܈H[ܘ[[YBSTSSH]Y[H[ZYY [ܛX][ۈX\HYHHYYXH[\^[\]Y[ݚY[[ YXH[X[\[X\][˘HXYN˓^ S][Kܙ˂[H\[[X\܈H[\[˘X[\[X\][˘H[X\H N HX\X[\܂܈\[X]Y[ [MH LM̎KQPHTHTԕԓT[[YYZ[ˈ8 L]BPSTPSӐSHTH[[H\H][]H[K\\X[\ ˌBHܝ\[Z[Y[X\YX[]X][ۈو[\܈\YH\[X][K\ܝ Q\]Z\Y [ۈY[X\[\]H[Z][[\\܈H\H܈[X\H H HX\Z\HHB[ݘ]YX\K]HXY\Y[KHYY]ۈH \^HوY\H ۙKYHYH ̈܈[ܙB\ ]H x HH\H[[X\KYHXX[۝] LK[H[Y]\XH[ܛX][ۋX]8 ]H[KYH[HܙX]ܛ\و[HHH][HXܛHYHHX\و[܈[ܛX][ۈ[[۝XX\[H[H[Y\ˈ[Y܈\[\KHYY][HML M [XZ[^][P^ B[X\H][X\][\XKH[[H[\ۙH][KܙˈX\HH[H\H[XH’[X\HH HXK[[Y\HML MLL܈K[XZ[YXPYXKܙXZH[YHX]H[\]HXZˈTS&TQSܜHH[X\\˂[X\H L H[Y\HXYY] H\ܝܛ\܈[H^\Y[[SՑHUHUTP’[X\H LH HY]H]K YX] [X[ و[HH[K[ܛX[[[[H]\’[X\H L H L X]ˈ\Y[JK[Y[[Y\\K\[ۈ]\^\ LKLLۋB[X\H MH H\][[X[وYX\X\[X[ܚ\HZ[H\ZYؙ\X\\[YHܝ[H B[X\H M H\Hܛ\YY] ]HHܛ\و8'Y['H\ܝ]HH\XH K\K x [ H [X\H N H]Z^XX\YY[Y\X[ M[ݙZ]]\XXZ˘˝Z˂[X\H H^H\Y\H]YK\HۙH\^H[\[THTԖHԓT[X\H HY\ۈ\\\[ܛX][ۋH\H[܈[H\H\ܞHܛ\\܈[[ۙB[X\H  HY[\[\\\H[[\ܝ\Kˈ[\\Y[[\\ܞKH]BM