Soltalk January 2018 - Page 51

Tinker was placed in a cattery in October but it is very difficult to find homes for adult cats when there are so many kittens up for adoption so it was thought she would be there for months or even years to come. Fortunately, CAS was able to network with a local cat rescue charity and a new family was found for Tinker in the Málaga area. (Thumbs up, hands clapping, big smile emoji style.) The CAS Shop is next door to the Good Stuff Café in Nerja at Avda Castilla Perez 2. We are open Mon to Sat 10am - 2pm. We’re always interested in hearing from people who’d like to join our shop volunteers. There are always two volunteers per shift making for a safe, relaxed, congenial atmosphere. For more information you can ring the shop on 689 314 350. CAS Cat Corner Could you help? Ready for adoption: These three stunning beauties, all female, were first seen with their mother who days later was found dead, believed from poisoning. Yes, you read that correctly: poisoning. By the time this article goes to press I may have already adopted all three of these gorgeous kittens. However, in the spirit of sharing the love I’ll hold off until the end of January. If you can imagine welcoming any or all of these girls into your home, please contact CAS through our website,, or Facebook: CAS is always in need of more volunteer helpers in a number of areas, so if you have spare time to fill, please make contact! In particular, more fundraisers are needed to work with our team, people are required to help with the feeding of the cats at the numerous feeding stations maintained by CAS, and animal lovers who could undertake a monthly airport run are necessary to take animals being re-homed in northern Europe to catch their flights. In addition, fosterers are always required to take short-term care of animals until a permanent home can be found for them. Even if you are only here for few months a year, CAS would appreciate your help. For a no-obligation chat, contact Vera on 95 252 9670 for general enquiries. Simone on 619 903 815 can answer queries about airport runs in English or German. Punta Lara CAS Quiz Start the New Year off on the right paw with the CAS end of the year quiz being held at the Punta Lara Bar on January 19 at 7.30pm. Join Quiz Hostess Laura and test your knowledge of trivial January facts and interesting events from 2017. Food and drinks are available at the bar and advanced booking is recommended by calling Mark at 635 369 673. 49