Soltalk January 2018 - Page 48

Book Talk with Smiffs book & card store, Nerja A new work from the Australian writer Peter Carey – only one of four authors to have won the coveted Man Booker Prize twice – is always an international publishing event. In his novel A Long Way From Home (l) we meet Irene Bobs, who loves driving fast. Her husband is the best car salesman in rural southeast Australia. Together with Willie, their lanky navigator, they set off on the Redex Trial, a brutal race around the continent, over roads no car will ever quite survive. This is a high-speed story that starts in one way, then whisks readers off to another place entirely. Set in the 1950s in the embers of the British Empire, painting a picture of Queen and subject, black, white and those between, it illustrates how the possession of an ancient culture spirals through history - and the love made and hurt caused along the way. realm of public spending and the Mafia, the case picks up pace. One question nags him though: in his strange and untimely death, was Nicotra trying to tell him something? Other thrillers worth considering include: Zen And The Art Of Murder (l), the start of a new series set in Germany, by Oliver Bottini; The Guilty Wife (p), by Elle Croft; The Woman In The Window (l), by AJ Finn; Camino Island (p), by John Grisham; The Binding Song (p), by Elodie Harper; Hellbent (p), by Gregg Hurwitz; The Whispering Room (l), by Dean Koontz; The Shout (l) and Light Touch (p), by Stephen Leather; Anything You Say (p), by Gillian McAllister; A Dark So Deadly (p), by Stuart MacBride; The Thirst (p), by Jo Nesbø; Kill Or Be Killed (p), by James Patterson; A Damned Serious Business (l), by Gerald Seymour; and, The Legacy (p), by Yrsa Sigurdadottir. Carey’s novel leads off this month’s Soltalk Hotlist of titles, some entirely new, others moving into small paperback format for the first time or being reissued, sometimes after a long time out of print. All are due for publication on various dates in January or early February. The Soltalk Hotlist helps readers to plan and budget for book ordering. After the gain, the pain. If festive sluggishness leaves you resolved to shape up, the early crop of celebrity- chef cookbooks for 2018 includes Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food (l). The Michelin-starred Scottish chef and keen athlete describes these as his ‘go-to recipes’ for eating well at home. They include breakfasts, lunches, suppers, sides and snacks with different nutrition benefits. There are nourishing recipes for general wellbeing, lean ones to support healthy weight-loss efforts, and pre- and post- workout dishes to build strength and energise. The Pyramid Of Mud (l), is Andrea Camil ɧéݕ)͕%ѽ)5хѕ丁%)́Ʌȁ)Yф٥Ё)ɔٕхѡ)ѽˊéѽݸ)٥͕Ր)=ѡ͔)ɕ䁑̰՝ԁ9Ʉ)́չ͡Ё)䁑յ)ɝ͕݅չ)Qٕѥѥ)ѥͱ܁ɥ)Ёݡ5х)ɕ́ѡЁٕ䁍Ք)ѕ٥܁́Ѽѡ))͡䁥́́ѕɕѕՑѥM̰ͭa)ԁɕ䁕ЁݕѥЁՑdݕ́ȁݸ)Օѥ!̀!ɔɔ̰ե)ɕ́ͥՍѥ́ȁɅѕՕ̰ɽ)܁ѼЁѼɕ䰁ͅՍ́(