Soltalk January 2018 - Page 42

What can Iridology and Naturopathy do for you? In Iridology we study the overall constitution and specific iris colours and markings. It is one of the best assessment tools available to be able to know the areas of the body that are genetically strong as well as deficient. We know through research around the world that different types of people have tendencies toward different weaknesses like sinus congestion or blood anomalies and glandular disturbances. camera, I can magnify and transfer the photos to a computer for analysing. I can also show you your own iris and explain what it shows. This can be very interesting and motivating for your future attitude towards making the necessary changes to eating habits or the need for supplements. An appointment with an iridologist will contain: a digital photo of your eyes and iris analysis with dietary, supplement and lifestyle suggestions. You will learn about the strengths and weaknesses in your body and what you can do to heal your body and keep it strong. Each iris is completely unique. It provides the genetic blueprint to your body. Iridology can help you learn about your genetic weaknesses and strengths and become more aware of what you can do to prevent illness. By being able to find and recognise these signs the Iridologist can help you prevent tendencies to certain problems or be able to find the root or cause of a condition. As a Naturopath with many years of experience working in a well- known health food shop, using natural medicines to strengthen and regulate body functions, I can give guidance for a healthy lifestyle. Iridology is a safe, non-invasive analytical tool. Using a digital I can also use ampoule testing to find hidden food intolerances or deficiencies in vitamins/minerals that can disturb the body balance and weaken the health in general. Symptoms like tiredness, headaches, bloating and inflammation can be caused by things we eat every day, not knowing that it causes problems for our digestion and wellbeing. As a Naturopath I have been educated in biological medicine - what we know as natural supplements such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and herbal medicines. I have also studied anatomy and physiology and learned about the symptoms of illnesses of the body. And by treating these symptoms with the right products and diet, getting the body back in balance again. LENE BYRJAL Naturopath and Iridologist Tel: 605 993 436, Email: 40